Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 6: The Lord's (pictures)

Day 6: Inglesia de Cristo            getting ready to head to church

Today we drove back out to San Ysidro to worship in the community where we had been working the last two days.  We arrived at their church around 8:30 thinking the church started at 9.  (You know how prompt we are in the church!!)  After we got there, we actually found out that church began at 9:30.  That was fine because we chatted and visited until church began. 

He is the minister of the church

Mark Adams, a youth minister from the Nashville area, had been told to prepare a lesson in case they wanted one of us to preach.  He prepared and gave the sermon, which was excellent.  I always love every time I have been in a Spanish/English service.  The singing was beautiful with the approximately 70 brothers and sisters in Christ worshipping in this quaint church.

                                               The Lord's Supper

We found a pineapple by the side of the road when we were stuck in traffic.  We used a knife and cut it.  It was delicious!!
We had lunch before we got back on the bus for our 4+ hour bus ride back to Teguc.  It seemed to be cooler today, so the bus ride didn’t seem as long.  We were held up in traffic for maybe 40 minutes because of an accident.  A small truck carrying cement mix dropped some of their bags in the road and a travel bus hit it.  We heard the driver broke some bones.  When we drove by the accident the people were sweeping up the concrete mix.  My first thought was that they had to clean up the mess, but I soon realized there were gathering back up the concrete mix they had spilled.

We got back at dinner time and one of the local missionaries treated us to grilled hamburgers and chicken at their lovely home.  We finally got back to the Mission House around 10.  All of those who just arrived on Thursday, got a quick briefing, there room keys and went to bed.  The bus ride wore us out!!

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  1. I'm sure that was a moving service!

  2. I remember how good the Church services were last year. Jeff and I both were so uplifted by participating. I loved that you guys found that pineapple . . . a nice little treat while you were waiting in traffic. Love the pictures. Keep 'em coming. Thanks for your posts!