Monday, July 9, 2012

Choluteca Sweat Diet!!!

                                                       Some of my roommates going to breakfast.

I picked the title because I am sure we all sweated off 2 or more pounds today!!!
Our hotel surrounds a beautiful courtyard.

Today, we went back to Agua Agria, the same village we worshipped at yesterday. 

morning devo

We have a connection with Timoteo, a minister, who is from this village.  He know longer lives there, but he returns often to preach in the church and he is always trying to help his people there.

We had several projects lined up today and I'll just list them here:

1.  Medical clinic (Today,Terry told us that Dr. Jorge ran the 400 meter in the 1968 Olympics!)

2. Clothing distribution

3.  Build a new playground

4.  Make skylights in the roof of the church (there is no electricity)

5.  Soccer camp/clinic

6.  Put up soccer nets

7.  VBS

8.  Ladies Bible class

9.  Gospel meeting in the evening

Dr. Jorge is in blue.  His wife and two boys are in front of him.

Clothing distribution in the school

We arrived around 10 am and worked straight through with our many jobs until the meeting was supposed to begin at 5.

She is happy about her "new" clothes!

The school has new banos!  (bathrooms)
We  always complain about how hot it is here in Choluteca, but it probably isn't that much different than Tennessee right now. 
Jenny is loving on a baby!

 The big difference is that in the USA most of us don't work outside all day when it's that hot.  The other difference is we all have central heat and air.  Today, we all either worked in the school or outside under the sun, both were hot.

We had a surprise, the mayor (along with a news' crew) came to thank us for the work we were doing!!

I worked in the clothing distribution.  Unfortunately, we could have used more men's clothes and shoes in small sizes.  Most men here have feet smaller than the average women.  We also had lots of XL and bigger and the people are just not that big.  Also, most of the women wear skirts and dresses.  We will know next year!!!

                                       I'm very hot and tired from working a long hot day.  We are hiking down
                                   the road to the church for the meeting.  We had a packed house and I was one
                              of the lucky ones who got to sit outside where it was cooler!!!

                                  I'm not sure if this is a community oven or if it belongs to one family.

                                    Share and share alike.

This herd went right by the steps of the church.

Ready for the church service, but not excited about going in the hot building.
                                         Interns grabbing a nap

                                                        I know the Hondurans look really young, but I asked her if the baby
                                                  was her brother and she said he was her son!  She could easily pass for

Until next time!  PJ  xoxo


  1. Stay cool today! xoxo Mom

  2. Great pictures. The young girl at the end looks so very, very young to have a child of her own. I am glad she is one of the ones you were able to help with your outreach. Sounds like a long, hot and uplifting day! Take care and God Bless.