Sunday, July 8, 2012

God working behind the scenes

Sunday:  It is hot here!!!               The hotel is one level that surrounds a courtyard.

I know it is very hot in everywhere right now and it’s been in over a 100 in Tennessee.  Can you imagine driving to church on a bumpy, dusty road with all of the windows open? 

 Can you imagine sitting in the church with no air-conditioning?  I’m sure you are getting hot just thinking about it!  Well, it was hot! 
Heading to church and it's already hot!!

 We worshipped with the Church of Christ in Agua Agria, and has always it was a special experience. (Even though it was a hot one!)  We were able to let them know that in the next two days we would have a medical clinic, a gospel meeting and VBS, and a clothing distribution.  The Honduran people are very friendly and have the custom of walking around and shaking everyone’s hand. 

The building, the concrete floor and the wooden benches have been made by Torch teams in previous years.

The church, I came here on my first trip 6 years ago.

                                              Choluteca is close to the  coast and is surrounded by mountains, but is much closer to sea level than Teguc.

You never know what's roaming through the village!

                                                        One of the moms let! me hold her little boy

Amazing Story:  This trip we have talked about how there are no accidents and that God is always working behind the scenes.  There is an American doctor that travels to Honduras throughout the year to work in a clinic here.  We had hoped to be able to have her help us with our medical clinic, but it wasn’t going to work out. 

                                              You can see Dr. Jorge in this picture in the white shirt!!

 While the advance team was waiting to go through customs, Erika, one of our very friendly interns, starts chatting with a Honduran man.  She finds out that he is a doctor who was traveling back to Honduras.  Erika told him about our work and found out that he often worked with medical mission teams.  She then introduced him to Terry, our leader, and they exchanged business cards.  All of that resulted in him and his family coming to Choluteca with us to have a medical clinic!!! Isn’t that amazing?

After lunch, we came to the hotel and some of us unloaded the boxes which for me seemed to be the 10th time.  One group broke down medical supplies and labeled pill bottles.  Another group worked on an extra VBS lesson because we will have two day of VBS.  My group finished sorting the children’s clothing so everything would be ready for our clothing distribution.

                                            Papaya trees
I’m not sure what the exact plan is tomorrow, but I’m sure we will be very busy!!!

Until next time!  PJ xoxo


  1. Sounds like a good day!

  2. What an absolute Blessing about the doctor who Erika met in the customs line. God is so good - all the time. That story gave me chills. Happy that it worked out so well for the people of Honduras. You all are doing wonderful work over there. Enjoyed the pictures and the Blog - as always. Take care and God Bless.