Friday, July 13, 2012

A House in Paradise!

This is our next to last work day.  We divided up into three teams today.  We had two teams building houses and the third team went to a Special Needs Orphanage and the Blind School.  I had already decided that they would probably need people to build, so I thought I would do that. 

We built right beside a Torch house that belonged to some other family members.

We had another hike to the site, but it was beautiful.  My team built for a family that the father had lost a leg and the mother had an accident and was on crutches.

  Our team worked well together and we were for the most part done by 3:30.  Then, we had to hike back to the bus and go to pick up the other build team.

Tomorrow will be bitter sweet because it will be our last day to work.  I know for sure that two more houses will be built.  I may end up building again if they need people.

  I'm not sure what the other projects will be, but I'll let you know in tomorrow's post.  I'm going to tell the rest of the story in pictures.

                                                Brett, our Canadian boss for this job

                The dad is on crutches, the daughter is in white to the right

A member at Western Hills Church of Christ in Nashville sponsored the build.  They also made a house warming box for them.  The little girl loved the toys inside!

                                   Hiking back to the bus with the tools.  It was uphill this time!!!

Until next time!!!  xoxo PJ

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  1. I always love seeing the pictures of the houses going up. I did not get the chance to go on a house build last year when I was there. That is definitely on my bucket list. Love the pictures of the family that is getting the house . . . priceless.