Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mi Esperanza & Valle de Angeles

Our Toms picture (we did this last year too)
Day 10?  Shopping at Mi Esperanza & Valley of the Angels  

I’m posting this on Saturday, but we actually did this on Friday.  Our first group is leaving on Saturday, so their last full day was spent shopping and sight seeing.

Our first stop was back at the bodega where Mi Esperanza has their store.  Mi Esperanza is a wonderful ministry started by Lori Connell and Janet Hines.  They focus on training the women in a skill that will enable them to support their children.  Once the women graduate, they are eligible for microloans to start a small personal business.  I always love shopping at their store because not only are their products beautiful and well-made, I know the profits go back to the ministry.  I couldn’t resist buying things even though I’m here for 10 more days and will be going back there. (Here is a link where you can find out more!  You can actually purchase a few things from this site.)

This group's last moring devo.

We had lunch in the city and then we headed out for a beautiful town called Valley of the Angels.  Just imagine Gatlinburg in Honduras.  It’s kind of like that.  The town is very old with narrow, cobblestoned streets and a beautiful square in the middle.  We enjoyed looking at the handmade crafts and souvenirs and many of our group bought things to take back home with them.

These beautiful murals in Valley of the Angels were made with plastic drink tops!!!
                                               an art gallery

in the town square

We met this friend when we stopped to get coffee.  I wished I could bring a 1000 bags of dog food to feed the dogs I see here!!!

We had dinner in the food court at the mall.  This mall has some of the stores you would see in the US.  It seems to be the mall where the people with $$$ in Honduras congregate.  It is such a culture shock being there seeing people dressed up in expensive clothes when you know that less than a quarter mile away there is extreme poverty.

You can get real nice hammocks here.  I wish I had some trees so I could get one!  Anyone want me to bring them one home??

Saturday we will be taking this group to the airport, picking up the other group, having lunch , and then taking a 4 hour bus ride to Choluteca.  Choluteca is near the coast, at sea level and people say it is where the devil goes to get a hot cup of coffee.  It actually is similar to the weather you are having in Tennessee except imagine no central A/C to cool off with.  Usually we are lucky to have a fan or a window a/c unit.  Pray for our work there!!!

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  1. Interesting, I always enjly the Hondorus coffee (hint, hint). Stay cool next week.
    Love Mom

  2. Enjoyed the pictures of Mi Esperanza. What great work they do there. I also loved the group shot with the faces all in the center of the shot. The murals are amazing, too. Glad you all had some down time to enjoy each others company and get some shopping done. You all are doing such wonderful outreach. Enjoying reading your blogs immensely. Take care and God Bless.