Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last two days in Honduras!

Well, I was typing away on a blog about my final day in Honduras and the lessons I learn in Honduras.  I was working in blogger and something happen and everything disappeared and I wasn’t able to retrieve it.     UUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!!!!
last Sunday at the Mission House

Norland is one of our bus drivers.  They are steadfast in providing us safe transportation.

Lots of cute kids in church at Los Pinos.

I’m sure I had lots of profound thoughts, but alas they are all gone now.  I know I had several comments about how even though this was my  6th mission trip to Honduras, I still was spending the last week assimilating back into my average American life.  In 24 hours time, I went from “squatting” over a outhouse to using an electric flush toilet with a paper cover.
Shopping at Valley of the Angels with group 2.

 shopping at Mi Esperanza

 Diane and I ate lunch with our favorite Canadian missionaries.

The lady is making fresh tortillas in the restaurant.

Our leader, Terry Reeves, speaking to us at the last evening devotional.

Travel day

  I also went from giving away Americans’ used clothing to appreciative Hondurans; to sitting in front of an Armani store (inside the Miami airport).  The Armani store had an gigantic LCD screen showing a fashion show where I’m sure one garment costs more than an average month’s Honduran salary.
It’s humbling and mind-boggling when you think about it.  I don’t think I can even begin to describe all of the feelings that I have, I will hopefully be able to show you  (as always) through pictures!!!
One comment though……… I often have people speak to me about my mission trips.  I get the sense that people always think of mission trips as hard and sacrificial.  Those people are always so thankful for the work that we do. It’s like, they are so thankful that someone is willing to go on these difficult trips.  Well, actually there’s a big secret when it comes to mission work……..
WE LOVE GOING ON THESE MISSION TRIPS.  IN FACT, WE WILL WORK ALL YEAR TO BE ABLE TO GO ON THESE TRIPS!!!  I’m hoping to give you a sense about what is so special about these trips.  Mission trips are not just for a few brave souls who “get the call”.  I actually think (or know)a mission trip will change the life of anyone who takes that step in faith and goes on one.
Lessons from Honduras:

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