Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July: Picnic? Fireworks? Build a house in Honduras!!!

long, steep hike to the sight
4th of July, Picnic? Fireworks? How about, build a house???   

It is funny; we hardly know it’s the Fourth of July here in Honduras.  It was just another blessed, rewarding day of hard work.  Two young men of our group did come to our morning devotional in flag shirts and shorts.  They lead us in a stirring rendition of our national anthem.  I wouldn’t be surprise if we do something special for the holiday after dinner tonight.

view from the sight (We were blessed with a fairly cool, overcast day!!!)

Our group split in two today.  The other group  went to a homeless shelter called “Broken Chains”.  A young American missionary named Amber runs it totally by herself.  Enough money was raised at the last Winterfest so that she could buy the building.  Our group worked painting and working in the center. I know they enjoyed their work there.

I was part of the other group who went back to Moaloa.  Half of our group helped in the feeding center and did a VBS extravaganza with them.  (It was the same story they did in Catacamas.)  The rest of us built the house with the funds that I brought with me. (I was blessed to be able to do this from: saving throughout the year, individual donations, and my jewelry making profits.) 
We had to take this down first.

Digging out holes for the posts that will be the main frame of the house

 I have had pictures of Moaloa before, but the sight where we were building was at the top of the mountain.  The tools were carrying in a Jeep, but we hiked!!! I had never been to this part of Moaloa, the hike I made in the Rocky Mts. had nothing on this! I thought I was in good shape, but I was starting to wonder!!!
First we placed the wood on the sides where we needed them.  Luckily, the Honduran young men carried them down the steep hillside!!!

We had an audience!

making sure they were level

starting the sides

 The sides and the floor went very fast!

You always need someone (or several) on top! 

We were building on a very small plot of land on the side of the mountain.  It was a challenge just moving around to work.  We actually had a great system going, and we were able to finish in about 4 hours.  I have never been on a house built that went that quickly!! 

Have you heard the old saying, "Many hands, make light work"?

This is my friend, David, he would start the nails for me and then he would let me finish them.

Randi and Leah are from our group.  They were brave enough to go on the roof.

Julia using a chainsaw.

The door
some of our Honduran helpers

Pat, our "Jefe" or boss

When we were done, we gathered the family inside (a mom and two small children, there is a dad, but he was probably still working) and we had a prayer in English and Spanish.  The mom was crying all through the prayer and was soooooo thankful! It was such a touching, humbling experience! We also presented her with a housewarming box of items that she could use in her new house.  We had gotten blankets, pillows, toiletries and other things  at the bodega.  We had several of the young Honduran boys/men helping us.  I know that made it go much quicker.  I’m going to stop here; I hope the pictures will tell the story even better!!!!

                                             These were some of the older guys who helped a great deal!!! We bought all of our helpers sodas and hung out with some of the area children while we waiting for the VBS group to finish.

The pulperia or snack stand

 My friends, Enrique & David (Enrique helped me garden last year.)  They are 13 and 15.


Until next time!!  xoxoPJ


  1. Another great post, very touching. Lots of great pictures too. We love and miss you guys and Cocoa says Ruff.

  2. Love the way you begin this post, "4th of July, Picnic? Fireworks? How about, build a house???" What a much better choice! Love the pictures today . . . a always. :~) The picture of you and the little family that you all built the home for touched me the most. What a wonderful gift you orchestrated for that family. Earning the funds and being part of the building team. Such a Blessing. I also love that some of the locals pitched in to help build the house. Inspiring story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the pic you got of me walking up with my boys!!