Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 7 Hospital Escuela & Feeding Centers

This is Aldo's daughter. (For those of you have been before, Aldo is Bryan's brother. We also saw Bryan's daughter.)
Day 7: Moaloa, Hospital Escuela, & Nueve Oriental

                                                                 This is Reyna, she is going to school because of contributions from back home.  When the children have on a uniform you know they are going to school.


We are now back on our mountain in the Mission House.  We came back to very pleasant, cool temperatures last night.  Most people back home think that it is hotter down here, but actually it isn’t, especially when we are up here in the mountains.  The newbies are getting used to the differences between the hotel we left and the Mission House, but they seem to be adjusting fine.  The beds aren’t quite as comfortable as the hotel we left, but when you’re tired they feel pretty good.


We got up early and were ready to hit the road by 9:00.  Our group split up into three different jobs. Group 1 visited Hospital Escuela and tried to spread cheer to the families by handing out toys and playing with the children.  Group 2 and 3 worked at two feeding centers.  In many of the Churches of Christ, people have set up feeding centers where the children of the poor are feed a hot meal a day. 

Diane and I went with the group to Moaloa.  It is a place many of us return to year after year because we love it so much.  In Moaloa, they have a feeding center and a daycare.  Diane and I helped plate and serve the food.  One hundred and five plates of spaghetti and salad were served there.  The rest of our group walked up to the daycare.  In the daycare, they played with the children and made bulletin boards.

I took this from the yard of the church and feeding center.  You see a house with a blue tarp.  It collapsed during a very rainy day and killed a lady.

                                 This stream bed is normally a raging, dirty "river".  It has been dry so it wasn't too bad.  They have actually built a more stable bridge in another area which made it much easier to get up the hill to the church.

                                       I am the amazon on the left.  I'm much taller than the men and women here.

                                         Bryan & his little girl, Venyana (sp?)

The third group went to a new food center set up at Nueve Oriental.  Sarah Hinson went with that group, she said they had a good system but were in need of a few supplies that would help them make their job easier. (Large stew pots, kitchen knives, etc.)  Sarah said they served over 200 plates of food to the children in that community.
                                          Bagging up food

As I type this, most of the group is working on breaking down bulk food so that food bags can be made to hand to families.  The bags will contain rice, beans, coffee, spaghetti, sugar, corn meal, and other items that will last a family for a month.

We love everyone back home, but we are staying too busy to get homesick!!  We really feel blesses to be able to come and be the hands and feet of Jesus here in Honduras!!

xoxoPJ Until next time!

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  1. Sound like you all are doing wonderful work there this year . . . as always. I know that you are sleeping soundly by the end of the long and productive day. I think these pictures are some of my favorites. I especially love the one with the Amazon next to the locals. :~) I hear she is an awesome lady.