Thursday, July 5, 2012

Visiting the sick & Feeding the hungry

Day 9:  Hospital Escuela & Didasko Orphanage  

I’m going to keep the written word short tonight.  Today our group had two main projects.  The Florida Keys group built a home that they had raised money for.  My group visited Hospital Escuela and then traveled to Didasko Orphanage. 

At Hospital Escuela, we broke up into four groups.  Each group had an interpreter.  We tried to spread cheer with the children by handing out toys,playing with the children, and praying with the families.  My small group went to the children’s cancer treatment ward and the newborn nursery.  I have lots of pictures and again, I hope they will tell the story better than I could.

I'm sorry about the ridiculous picture of me, but I didn't want him to think I was just taking a picture of him.  He was probably a teenager, but he was skin and bones.  We didn't really have good things to give the older children, but I gave him a wordsearch and he was smiling a little even though it was obvious that he didn't feel well.

This is Lauryl  one of our interpreters.  He is special because he and Nayannie, his wife, got married a few days before this trip.  They are both elementary school teachers in Texas.  They have been lifesavers to us!!!

 Many of the ladies didn't even have sheets on their beds.  We heard they had to bring their own.

Didasko is a beautiful orphanage that I have been able to visit almost every year I have come.  Jorge and Maria have about 25 children on their campus.  It was originally built and funded by a church, but since then they have had to seek donations from other churches.  They run on a very small “shoestring” budget, and are always in need of basic essentials for the children. The children at Didasko are always clean and well cared for.  It is amazing considering how many children live there.


                                             Food bags we brought

Terry, Pat & Nathan's tiling project in the kitchen

Ready for VBS

Jesus telling Peter to fish on the other side.

 Jorge talking to us about the needs at Didasko.

 Taylor playing basketball with some of the older boys.

There is an amazing story about how Torch started working with Didasko.  About 10 years ago, Terry was looking for the prison to minister to the people there and the bus driver got lost.  The bus ended up at the gates of Didasko.  Jorge says that Terry and Torch were an answer to their prayers.  Terry loves Didasko and he always tries to do at least one project there during every trip.

 I remember Emiliano from last year!

Today, we delivered a great deal of bulk food and we did a VBS lesson with the children.  Terry, Pat, and Nathan worked on tiling some countertops in the kitchen.  (See pictures)  We ended the day with Jorge asking to pray for them and spread the word about their needs.  Some of our group talked about setting up a website for Didasko, so people could donate to them.

Julia with friends

Until next time!!! xoxoPJ


  1. So wishing I was there with you right now. Tears in my eyes from your pictures and words. Thank you for doing this blog. You are one inspiring lady.

  2. Very touching! Thanks for the pictures! Give taylor a hug for me!