Saturday, July 14, 2012

My right thumb hurts. Can you guess why??

morning devo

Today was officially our last work day.  Tomorrow will be church and shopping at Valley of the Angels.  Monday we will all (except for the interns and a few others) be flying home.

stuck in a crazy traffic jam for about 30 min.

Today's projects were two house builds and a visit to Didasko orphanage.  I had first thought I wouldn't want to build because I did yesterday, but then I realized that probably many people wouldn't want to build again.  Since I had a good day yesterday, I decided I would build again. 

We had a good day because we were on the edge of the mountain again and we were mostly in the shade.  The other group didn't have a steep hike to their sight, but they seem to be in the sun and down in the city.

This was the view from their front window!!!!

We made excellent time and were done in about 3 and a half hours!!!  I will let the pictures tell the story!!

The is Melvin, a 17 year old Honduran that helped us the last two days!!  He is awesome!!!

Since tomorrow is shopping and church and Monday is traveling home, I may not have another blog post!!!

Thanks for reading my blog this trip.  I'm usually tired, so I know I don't check closely for mistakes!!!  I hope you have been able to get some sense about what is so special about my mission trips!!!

Until next time!! xoxo  PJ

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  1. I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to do your blog during your entire mission trip. I enjoyed reading every day of your journey, and I loved all the pictures. You all did some amazing work while you were there. What a Blessing you all have been during this mission trip. Have a safe journey home. Take care and God Bless. Miss you! Lolly