Saturday, July 7, 2012

Airports, Busrides & Locked Keys

We left for the airport today around 9:00, we had about 55 people to get into the airport (on about three different airlines) and we had to pick up around 65.  You have to realize that this airport is about 1/8 or less the size of Nashville.  I said my good-byes to Taylor and his friend Jim and to all of the other Torchers.  There were many tears and hugs because many of us have been friends for many years, and some are new friends we've just made this trip.  We get very close in the ten days we served together.

The ladies from Moaloa

The interns can fall asleep anywhere!!!

Even though the new team was supposed to arrive within an hour of those departing, we waited, we waited, and we waited!!  There is a close circuit TV that allows you to see people who were in line for customs, but today there was a line all the way back up the escalators.  It was bad enough the day we came in, but nothing like that!!!

A whole group of the Honduran ladies who work at Moaloa (feeding center & daycare) came to welcome and surprise Jenny Lovell.  Jenny loves these ladies and they love her.  She always goes to work with them, and always plans special projects for them.  It was so special that they came and waited around for hours to greet her.

Around 3, we finally got all of our team and we took them to get lunch.  Then we loaded our buses to head to Choluteca.  It was a long dusty ride and everyone knows school buses are not the most comfortable.

                                                   Interesting sights

ABout 45 minutes outside of Choluteca, we stopped at a gas station to have a bathroom break.  We were all on the bus when it became apparent that our leader's key was locked in his truck.  It was a miscommunication because he asked one of the busdrivers to check on something in the truck, and the busdriver locked it (which you always do in Honduras).  The busdriver didn't know that the keys have been left in the truck.

We all laughed as every man tried to open the door handle and each one tried to "jimmy" it through the window.  It was finally opened when a Honduran man came up and opened it with a "master" key!  Hmmmmm, I didn't know there was any such thing!!!

We are now checked into our hotel and it is a very nice style that surrounds a beautiful courtyard.  It kind of reminds me of the Ponderosa!  Do you remember that show??

Until next time!! xoxo PJ

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  1. You do such a great job with the pictures. Sounds like it was a long day, but one that ended in a restful little haven for the night. Love the pics of the hotel. And yes, I remember Bonanza and The Ponderosa Ranch with Ben Cartwright, Hoss, and my favorite - Little Joe. LOL.