Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter/Makin' Music 2012

April has been a good month so far. I’ve had Spring Break, Easter and just this past weekend was Makin’ Music………………………….Check out my pictures…………………..

Easter at Mom's house (delicious food and great times with family):

Connected family

I always make a strawberry cake (my son's favorite).  It's not very pretty, but it is delicious!

 It was a great day for flying a kite!

Eggs for everyone!!!

Around Murray

This DQ sells the most ice cream in the state.  There is almost always a line!

Three generations ready for Makin Music 2012 at Freed Hardeman University.

 We really liked this one and it placed!!

There has been the usual work drama, but I won’t get into that. I have to say, the past couple of days have been calm and wonderfully regular!!!

I’m recently become obsessed with the Masterpiece Theater series, “Downton Abbey”.  It has feed into my obsession with all things continental.  You can purchase (like I have) the first two seasons on ITunes.  Enjoy!!!!!

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This Saturday I'm training to become a Zumba instructor.  I'm nervous, but my main goal is to teach classes after school.  Many of my fellow teachers were very interested and encouraging!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Adios Asheville/Spring Break!!!

Adios Asheville & Spring Break(I apologize for the random placement of pictures.  I'm still trying to master this blog thing!!)

Here I am the Friday before Spring Break.  Mercury is in retrograde and my students have been WACKY!!

It’s Saturday night and my Spring Break is winding down to a close.  It has been relaxing even though it hasn’t been too productive.  I did a few small jobs, but mastered the art of procrastination for the bigger ones…….Oh, well! 

        I enjoyed going to some additional daytime exercise classes; I ran some errands and enjoyed the lovely weather.

You never know what you will see in Asheville.  This sweet dog was sitting inside the door of a shop.

        My friend Margaret and I traveled to Asheville, NC (one of my favorite places on Earth) for a few days.  We enjoyed walking around the downtown and eating at one of the many wonderful restaurants there. 

The Hunger Games was filmed in Asheville and we found out the cast stayed in the hotel we were in: Hotel Indigo.  It is the coolest hotel that I've ever stayed in.

 We drove over to nearby Chimney Rock/Lake Lure and did a little bit of hiking.  We had a great time relaxing and catching up.  We even got to do some shopping.
The EarlyGirl Cafe was a wonderful restaurant that served breakfast all day. The food was fresh and delicious and the menu included many local products and vegetarian and vegan options!!

I had the black bean omelet and home fries~~~Needless to say......amazing!!!

Cool double decker bus where you can get coffee
This is Red Curry vegetables from a place I always return to in Asheville.....Doc Chey's Noodle House.

 Lake Lure

        My son has gotten great news. He has been out of a job since he finished his contract in Afghanistan.  It has been a stressful time for him and add to that some additional health issues. Well, he finally got a job offer.  The kicker is……it’s in the United Arab Emirates.  He will be working out the final details in the next few weeks.  When he was in Afghanistan, he was a civilian worker, but his schedule was just like a soldier. (12 hours a day/7days a week)  This new job will be a regular 40 hours a week and much less restrictive.  We will miss him, but he’ll have vacations and he’ll be able to travel.  He’s already trying to convince us to travel there to see him.   We’ll see…..

Zumba news:  I took the plunge and signed up for the training to become an instructor.  We'll see how it goes, but, I'm hoping to teach it a couple days a week at my school!  It isn't for a few more weeks.  I'm starting to get nervous.....I hope I can do it!!!!