Sunday, July 28, 2013

You are all invited.............

David, sweetest 16 year old ever!


This is David walking with me back down the mountain.  This part isn't much of a mountain.

This Wednesday I will be presenting to the Ladies' Bible class at Hilldale Church of Christ.  If you are a lady and you are reading this, you are invited!
This was the first time we had been to the Jesus statue in the daytime.  This is one of my roommates, Nurse Sarah.

Diane's camera has some cool features.  This is also at the Jesus statue.  The rock has Luke 24:50-51.  It talks about when Jesus raised his hands and ascended to heaven. 

Sweet boys that we played with when we were delivering food bags.  They also helped us. The little boy with the number 15 is Jefferson.  He is a sweetheart.  Everyone fell in love with him.


The cooks who prepare meals for the children of the neighborhood and Dan.  Yes, Dan is tall, but they are very short!!



I have prepared a slide show (with tons of pictures) and a short movie.  I'm thinking and praying about the direction that I want to take. 

 I guess I didn't say, (I assumed you would know) I'm presenting about my trip to Honduras. Well, I can't quite upload the video to this post, but it's on the post called Mi Corazon!!!

Here is a sneak peek of my video, plus I'm adding more pictures that I have "borrowed" from Facebook.

I would love any comments or suggestions about my presentation!!

Mucho amor!!!


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