Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chilling out in Honduras

Someone put this pic up of me from Choluteca.  I loved it!


We found these donated jerseys in a box and decided to have some fun!

(This post is from Tuesday and Wednesday, today we will spend the day mostly picking up the next team at the airport. Diane and I will be money changers.  As soon as they arrive, we will trade $20 for lempiras.)

Our amazing and multi-talented busdriver was able to pack a ton of supplies on our bus.  Everyone else had a seat!

We sent the first group home yesterday, and the interns, Sarah, Pat, Diane, and I stayed back at the mission house.  When the buses got back, we had the task of going back to the warehouse.

This was a street performer at Valley of the Angels.  I knew he would do something when I put money in the treasure chest.  I was startled!

We spend the afternoon pulling and loading medical supplies, hygiene supplies and the supplies left over from a previous team.  Dr. Gail Davidson has been coming and bringing teams for years.

In fact, her first trip was Diane's first time.  Dr. Davidson also continued coming and in fact, she established a clinic here and travels back and forth between the states throughout the year.

There is always a soccer game going on at Villa Gracia where we are staying!!

She was going to help us do a clinic, but she was called suddenly back to the states.  She let us have all of her leftover supplies.  Walmart had donated a bunch of meal boxes and we are going to give those to the families who are with their children in Hospital Escuela.

We ended the evening going to the movies in the mall.  It was a crazy experience because you choose your seats on a computer screen like you do when you buy a airline ticket.  Like everything else here, it took forever.  We also didn't realize it, but it was discount night, so it seemed like everyone was there. 

Some didn't choose to go, because our only option was the Brad Pitt/zombie movie.  I did go, and I have to say it was pretty bad, but I enjoyed hanging out with the young interns.  Some didn't go and they hung out and had coffee in the mall.

Today we are supposed to go down to Mi Esperanza, the mission that trains women. (It is housed at the warehouse also.)  The women who are training to be manicurists will practice their skills on us.  They are required to do a certain number of hours.

Pat and Terry Reeves had their first pedicures and massages today!!!!

This little cutie was being babysat by one of the students.  She took up with Diego, our Costa Rican translator!!

Many of you that are close to me probably don't understand why I like doing the extended trip.  It's moments like these.  The 17 of us who stayed behind can get together for devotionals where we sing and learn more about each other.  We learned and sang "Greatest Commands" in Spanish.  I can't sing, but it sounded amazing.  Just a hint of what heaven will be like, except I'll be able to sing well there too!!!!

PJ    xoxo


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