Sunday, July 7, 2013

This is the day that the Lord has made......



We started off the day with breakfast from 7:00 – 8:00 am, and church at 8:30.  We headed downtown to the bodega (warehouse) to let this group shop at Mi Esperanza; from there we went to lunch at the mall.  It is so strange to go into a mall that looks much like the ones in the US when you know there is extreme poverty just a few miles away.

This is Jenny Lovell from Western Hills CoC.  She is a tremendous fundraiser for Torch. 


Next we went to El Picacho to see the Jesus statue.  Apparently, that’s the big thing to do on a Sunday afternoon because many families were spending the day there.  We have always gotten special permission to go there at nighttime and it is beautiful, but there were lots of things there that we had never been able to see at night (gardens, a zip line, & a zoo) It was also so crowded that our bus had to park far away, we had a nice hike up to the Jesus statue. The exercise helped us to work off our lunch.

Some of these pictures are from Saturday's house build.  We were way up looking over a valley.

We had church in our dining hall, there was going to be a wedding in the chapel later.  This is Brian Steffy from PA delivering the message.

Normally, Sundays are not work days, but we went back to the mission house and Terry has some jobs for us.  A group worked on some VBS skits, while some other groups sorted clothes and supplies.

Our building site was so beautiful and nice compared to our last one. 

We ended back down the mountain for a quick dinner of fast food and ended up the day with our devo at 8:00.  The acoustics are beautiful were we have our devos and we’ve been learning “Greatest Commands” in Spanish.  I’m not much of a singer, but it sounds like angels singing!

Here is part of the team who raised money for the house for this lady.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be building my third and final house tomorrow, but our team has about 4 more to build in all.  The money for those was all donated by people at the Western Hills Church of Christ in Nashville.


This is something we have discovered in previous years.  It's called something like SuperGrandeTurboMega.  Diane, Pat, and I shared it and it was wonderful.  It tasted kind of like a chimichanga.

Until tomorrow!!!  Xoxo  PJ

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  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Love Mom