Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's a good day when you can build a house.....


Wow, I should have know that my IPhone takes panoramic pics.  This is the peace monument.
Here's a proud mama from yesterday's hospital visit.

It’s a good day when you can help build a house for someone.  Today our whole team broke up into two groups and built two houses.
(I apologize that the pics don't go with the post.  I have to wait for my phone and laptop to talk to each other and sync pictures.)


We have two Beccas from Freed.  This is one of them, we enjoyed holding the new babies.

Our houses were about 30 minutes away toward Santa Ana.  Santa Ana is the windiest place in Honduras and they have gigantic windmills there. 

A view of the city from the Peace Monument.

We were out of the city in a beautiful area.  Each team had about 22 people on it, which can be too many.  It can sometimes problematic if you have too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  I went with the Western Hills Church of Christ teens (Nashville, TN).  Jenny Lovell, from Western Hills,  and her group raised money for 5 houses, isn’t that amazing???  This money for this particular house build was raised by their youth group. 


Hospital Escuela


We got the easier site because we had the most teenagers, between that and the number of workers, we knocked it out in about 4 and half hours!!   Not bad work!!




I’m adding some pictures from yesterday at the Peace Monument and the hospital.

We were apparently the headline news.  Three different news station interviewed our interpreter.  They wanted to know all about what our mission group was doing.

Tomorrow is church and probably more time at the Valley of the Angels.  I hope I'll have more synced photos for tomorrow's post!

xoxo  PJ

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  1. making headlines should be a good thing! I enjoy the photographs, no matter if synced. nice reporting! KIM Kelley