Monday, July 15, 2013

Parting is such sweet........

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow” Juliet from Romeo and Juliet


Yesterday was Saturday and we passed out food bags in Moaloa.  We always do lots of work in Moaloa, but we don’t always walk up to their houses and knock on the door.  We went up and down dirt paths that were steep and could be very tricky.  We always said, “In the Name of Christ” or “May God Bless You”.  All the people were so very thankful.


A bucket brigade we made to load 400 food bags onto the bus.

As different people headed down or up paths, some of us would stand and wait for them to come back.  We ended up with quite the entourage of children and we enjoyed playing with them.  We had a great time walking up and down the mountain paths and “streets”, we even got to see where some of the young Honduran guys that help us live. 

Photo: Monaloa.
Here are some of the children of Moaloa.  Do you see the boy with the #15?  That is sweet Jefferson.  Do you see the boy, David, to his left.  That is his handicapped little brother.  They are so sweet, we enjoyed playing with them while we were delivering food bags.


There is one particular person that has a story that touches my heart.  Joni(pronounced Yoni) is a young man of about 22, he no longer has parents and he know cares for his sister and brother who are about 18 and 19.  Mark Connell, a full time American missionary in Honduras, has kind of taken him under his wing and he helps Torch with house builds and other projects.  His sister, Oneada (sp?), helped us with my first build.  She is probably 5 feet and about 100 pounds and she could nail a spike in about 3 drives.  She put most of the men to shame!!!

Here is the family, Yoni is in front with the blue tank top.  His brother and sister are in back.  The little boy in front is their cousin, I believe.  There is another cousin name Christian, who is also a sweetheart. I don't like to ask too many questions, but the cousins may not have parents either.

Photo: David & Christian
(June 5, 2013)
This is David and Christian.  I would take both of these boys home with me and raise them.  No question about it.  They are filled with love and joy!!  I told them they were my sons.  Proximo Ano!!!! Next year!!! I've learned that phrase!!!!  I love them sooo much!  Christian is another cousin of Yoni.



During our food deliveries, I got to see their home.  They each had a small “house” (not as big as most people’s bedroom) and the doors all faced each other to make a courtyard.  The younger brother Melvin showed some drawings he had made.  He is very talented.  His home was humble with a couch and a table.  I’m sure the couch served as his bed.  Actually seeing their homes really puts in it perspective.  I’m sure this family has it better than many (not to say it’s great by our standards), but they have a steady income.

I borrowed this picture from Jenna, one of our interpreters.  That's her in the soccer jersey.  This is Malvin and Yoni's house.


The trip to Valley on Saturday evening was uneventful.  We spent a couple of hours looking through the shops again and we came back to Villa Gracia for our last dinner there.  Dona Katia is an excellent cook and we always enjoy the meals that she prepares for us!!


Sunday morning, we help a short church service outside on the deck.  It was a gorgeous morning and the singing was exceptionally beautiful!!  Every year that I come back to Honduras, my heart grows with love for these people.  We were all touched by the service and I was wiping away tears like most people were!!

Terry, our fearless leader



Long lines for American Airlines at the Teguc airport.  Nothing here is ever fast!!

It took us almost an hour to move from the back of this line to this point!

Diane and I landed in Miami and we were immediately put back into the land of ridiculous abundance and materialism.  It’s especially evident at the Miami airport when you walk by Armani and other such stores.  Taking off from Miami, I overhear a young girl (who obviously never wanted for anything) whining about how bad her last flight was.  She was sitting there in her stylish outfit with her Coach bag and I was struck by how the young people in Honduras always have a sweet smile on their face, and this girl doesn’t even seem to know how blessed she is!!!!  (I apologize for judging her!!)

sushi in the Miami airport (I'm as guilty as the next person!)

This was in a Mexican restaurant.  I can't remember the name of the holiday where they celebrate their dead relatives.


 Hi sweet Cocoa!!!  She was glad to see me, but her perception of time is off.  To her I could have been gone 3 hours!!!  :)
Keep up with my blog!!!
I'm already thinking about next year's trip!!!  Proximo ano!!!


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