Friday, July 12, 2013

Fruits, Vegetables, Kool-aid & more (sorry for the lack of editing)

Today was supposed to be our official last work day.  I was lucky enough to get to go with a small group to the open air market.  Our group bargained for onions, carrots, oranges, bananas, cabbages, and other fruits and vegetables.  We were getting enough food for 100 food bags. 



The market is always a fun place to go.  There are tables filled with every kind of fruit or vegetable that you can imagine and some that we have never heard of in the United States.  Jenny Lovell was in charge and her day job is fundraising, so you can imagine what a good job she did.  She saved us lots of money.


This little boy spent the time pretending to talk on a cell phone. 

I bought some little bananas, mangos and a pineapple for about $3.00.  They were delicious!!! We then went to the bodega to assemble our food bags.  We passed out the food bags in an area of the city I had never been to.  Our bags had water bottles full of Kool-Aid and the little kids immediately started eating the oranges and drinking out of the water bottles immediately.



Next, we went on a Gatorade blitz.  We basically rode the bus around the city and handed out Gatorade or Kool-Aid to street workers.  We also had some hygiene kits also.  We always said either “En Nombre de Cristo” (In the Name of Christ) or   “May God bless you” (I learned the Spanish phrase, but I can’t remember it now.) We finished by around 2:30 and Jenny was dead set on going back to Moaloa where the rest of the team was working.



Some of the Moaloa group worked the morning helping the ladies cook and serve lunch in the feeding center, while the rest continued digging a large trench where a new concrete retaining wall will be built.  This wall will is necessary to prevent further damage by future flooding.

The feeding center group ended by doing what we call "Daughters of the King".  We wash and braid hair, wash feet, paint finger and toe nails and give them new shoes.  When I got there, they had even started washing some of the little boys' feet.  I even got to fix some little girls' hair.  We always love spending time with the people of this community. (I didn't get any pictures, unless I can find some on Facebook.)


We ended the evening with a split devo.  The girls and guys had separate devos.  I’m not sure about the guys’ devos, but ours was very moving.  We ending by standing in a circle joining hands and praying together.  It was a very special time!!


Tomorrow is our last day here (Sunday is a travel day.) and we are supposed to do a food distribution in Moaloa.  I kind of expected it to be a “down” day, but apparently we will still go to the Valley of the Angels in the afternoon.


Xoxo PJ

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