Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Saying Goodbye!!

Today we broke up into two groups.  One group went to  Bencoleth (sp?), a special needs orphanage and the other group went to Didasko, which is one of our favorite places to visit each year.

Eating lunch after sorting at the warehouse.
My little friend Saniyel who helped me all day

Diane, Sarah and I decided that we needed to work in the bodega (Spanish for storage room/warehouse) and gather medical supplies for the next team that was coming.




 Sarah Hinson is our team nurse, and not only does she serve in medical clinics for the Hondurans, she has to treat our Torch members for every ache pain, scrap, and HTP (Honduran Tea Party, just think about it) outbreak.  She should get paid double for all of the work she does. (That’s a joke, of course she doesn’t get paid.)




We worked on pulling our medicines that our Torch team members will more than likely need. (Tylenol, Neosporin, Imodium, etc.) You get the picture.

Pat is one of our longer time Torchers from Pennsylvania.  I hadn't met his wife, Robin till this year.  She left today, but Pat is staying on.

After that we pulled hygiene products and baby clothes and made packets to give to the new mothers in the maternity ward.  We stayed at the warehouse working most of the day.  A little 7 year old Honduran boy named Saniyel helped us load the bags.


Tonight is a little bittersweet.  We had our last devo for this team, and we will be saying goodbye to them in the morning.  “Tricky” Pat had commented that this group overall had the best attitude of any he had seen and I would have to say that I agree!

Everyone was taking pictures before they left to go to the airport.  These guys are from Bell Shoals Church of Christ!

There are 17 of us staying back and the next team will arrive on July 4th.  Unless something big happens, I may take a day or two off from the blog! 


Adios Amigos!!

PJ  xoxo

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