Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Rainy Lord's Day

This was the house build I was on yesterday.  See the mother praying and thanking God!  She was sooooo thankful, I keep thinking about her all night.  Yes, she had a clean new house, but she still lived amid the stink and trash and I got to go back to a hot shower where I was able to scrub off all of the remnants of dirt.

Today is Sunday and because there has been quite a bit of rain.  We decided to stay on the premises and have church in our chapel. 

We had a great worship to God (which is even more meaningful and special here), by singing and making melody in our hearts, communing with our brothers and sisters by taking the Lord's Supper and listening to a lesson from the word of God. 
A beautiful Sunday morning view out behind the mission house.  It's amazing how beautiful this country is!
Sundays are our one day of rest.  We had breakfast, church and then we headed to the bodega where no only do we store our supplies, but there is a wonderful ministry to women called Mi Esperanza (My Hope).

The ministry trains and educates women in a skill that will enable to become independent and support their children.  (Men are usually not in the picture.)  Mi Esperanza has a store of their wonderful handmade products.  We buy their products and the profits go back into supporting their efforts.  You can read more about them on their website.
We mainly spent the rest of the day in the Valley of the Angels.  It is a neat place filled with handmade Honduran crafts.  It's always a good place for us to get souvenirs to take back home to our friends and family.
 Valley of the Angels

This mural was made with plastic bottle caps. It's in Valley of Angels and I can only describe it as the Gatlinburg of Honduras.  It's very nice, clean and quaint.

They had fresh fruit for sale, I'm not sure what these giant pea pot things are!

Pictures around the courtyard of the bodega

Banana tree

I don't remember the name of this yellow fruit, but the Hondurans like it.  The thing on the end is a cashew nut!!

As a side note, this is consider winter here and it's their rainy season.  That usually means we have a shower or two each day.  Well, on the way back from the Valley, it rained fairly hard for a sustained time. 

 It wouldn't be a big deal back in the states, but here the roads instantly started flooding.  We were fine in the bus, but many cars were getting stalled and our bus driver had to turn around and go a different way. 

I wasn't able to get good pictures from the bus window, but I think you can tell the water is probably a foot deep!

 It has actually been raining tonight for about 45 minutes and I hate to think what that means for all of the poor who live in shacks, or the ones in houses without much of a foundation. It really makes me sad to think about it.

I wasn't able to put up my pictures yesterday, but I think it will work tonight.  Here we go!

Much love!! Tomorrow is the last work day for this group and they will leave Tuesday.  We will have a couple of down days before the next group arrives on the 4th!


Pictures from yesterday's house build.  In case you didn't read yesterday's blogpost, it was by far the worst site I have been to up close.  It was so humbling because the lady was so thankful and happy! I think you can tell by the pictures that I took of her.  I hated to take many pictures because for some reason it seemed disrespectful.  It's hard for me to put it into words!!


The lady in the middle was the mother and she is holding her youngest daughter.  She had two other children and a husband.

This was one of the "houses" that was close by.

Notice the mud around this "shed", we had to walk around the to bring the lumber in to our "site".  See the rocks we had to balance them on, they were surrounded by mud and nasty standing water.  A little boy was hanging around all day.  When we were walking to the bus, he told us this was his house.  It didn't have a floor.  I guess they aren't finished building it.




We always need 2-3 to hammer the roof.  I'm glad I don't have to do that!!








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