Monday, June 17, 2013

Tres casas!!!!

Okay, I know I have been really quiet on my blog.  There's a reason for it...I have been busy raising $$$$$.  I leave early Thursday and I'm currently working on house number 3!!!!!!

I can't believe it myself!  I have saved all year, sold jewelry, and had contributions that have included time, help, and $$$.

I have one last thing to do before I start backing.  Tuesday night I will have my jewelry on display at my church before my usual Zumba (r) class.  All of the $$ that is given will go toward a house.  I'm beyond excited....I'm basically sitting back and letting God do the work.  I have been sharing my amazing story and that has inspired others!!!

I will work hard to keep my blog every day while I'm in Honduras.  I hope you sign up to follow me or be notified by email.  I know everyone wants to see pictures and I will share as many as I can.  The internet is always so slow there!!!

Please be sure and leave comments....that's my only real connection to home while I'm there.  (Phone calls are way to pricey!!)



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