Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adios Amigos! Proximo Ano! (I know I don't have the correct Spanish punctuation!)

The preacher is from Nicaragua, but he chose these Honduran colors!
It was our last day to work with our brothers and sisters in Agua Agria.  I did many things which included 1.  Teaching songs and finger plays to children


 2. Making bracelets with ladies

3.  Washed ladies’ feet

 4. Helped make a rock walk

Notice the rock path and the rock flower bed, I worked on both of these!

Those are Leah Wright's orange shorts that you keep seeing.

 5. Helped finished painting the preacher’s house 

Here I am walking back to the school to go to the banos.

Others in the group did finishing work on the preacher’s house.  They added many touches on this house that we haven’t added on others. (trim, rock stoop, water tank stand, etc.)  About half of the group worked at the school giving away clothes (sadly we never have enough men’s clothes and shoes, and doing what we call “Daughters of the King” (see explanation below).  Some of the guys played soccer with the boys while the girls had their “Daughters of the King” event.

Little girls are not always treated as well in this culture.  A few years ago, we started having Daughters of the King.  We wash their feet and hair, paint their nails, braid their hair, take a picture of them and print it out for them.  This is Kevin, one of our physical therapists from Montgomery, Alabama.  We especially like the young men to do this and show this care to them!!



We all stayed and had Bible class in the church at 4pm.  There were many kind words of thanks and love and I learned to say “proximo ano”, which means until next year!!!

This is Nahum, the new associate minister. He looks like he is 15 and he is 25.  Our group built his house, but I didn't ever get to see it.  It was up a steep hike up the mountain.

Tomorrow is a travel day, so I may not have a blog post!!!

Good night! xoxo PJ


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  1. Looks like a busy wonderful day! Love Mom