Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dos Dia en Cholutec (excuse my Spanglish) Day 2 in Choluteca

Today was our second work day in Choluteca.  Diane and I started the day again with a Ladies’ Bible class. We moved the pews out on the front porch of the church and before we got started we had a good size crowd of children.

beans for breakfast!  They are good!!

I spent some time teaching them some American Bible songs.  They seemed to really enjoy doing songs that had hand motions.  I taught them “God made the big, big sun”.  I sang “Jesus loves me” with hand motions and they sang it in Spanish.  I joked that I was Diane’s warm up act!

He was cutting teeth and enjoyed chewing on my camera! How do you like my Zumba scarf???

A group was finishing up the preacher’s house (which is right beside the church), so Diane was competing with the chainsaw and hammer sounds.  She continue speaking about “raising your child & planting the seed”.  At the end of the lesson, she gave each of them a packet of sunflower seeds and some nail belts that we found in the warehouse. These had been used in a VBS because someone had written “Growing God’s Garden” on them.



After our lesson, Diane and I finished nailing up one of the last walls, hauling in wood and picking up scraps around the property.  Both house teams were getting close to being finished by around 4:00 pm.  We accomplished so much today.  Not only did we finish these houses, but we were able to put in a sky light in each house. 
These little guys enjoyed helping us.  They moved rocks that weighed almost as much as they did.
We also were able to make a nice flower bed that was edged with large rocks and some of the men got a great start on a latrine for the preacher and his family.  We ended the day with a dedication and prayer at both houses.  There were few dry eyes!  Tomorrow is the last day to work in Choluteca.  I love how we have been able to work with the local congregation, get to know the people there and show them the love of Christ!!!
This is Steve Johnson from Bell Shoals Church of Christ dedicating the house and presenting a plaque to the family.
PS:  Our medical team saw 600 patients in 2 days!!!


  1. wonderful! the medical team must have been weary as well. a lot of information on 600 folks! every day is a new prospect, keep sharing! kim kelley

  2. Nice going! Love Mom