Thursday, June 27, 2013

Travel Day/Picture Card Malfunction

(I hate to say, but my memory card for my camera has malfunctioned, so I can't upload any pics tonight.  The rest of the time, I'll be forced to use my phone for pics.)

This map shows Choluteca and Teguc, the capital.

We got to sleep in today, which was nice.  We took the same 3 (I may have said 4-5 last time, because I didn’t know and it seemed like it.) hour bus ride back to Teguc (short for Tegucigalpa). On the back, we made a bathroom stop at a little restaurant by the road. Lo and behold there was a small zoo behind it.  We enjoyed taking a break and looking at all of the animals.  I didn’t have my camera, so I borrowed someone else’s pictures.

waiting for keys at the Mission House


Everyone was excited to get back to Villa Gracia, or what we like to call the Mission House.  We got here around  5pm and it was probably 70 degrees and there was a slight breeze.  Believe it or not, it was chilly!  We were also glad to get back to the delicious cooking here, especially after having to eat either KFC, Pizza Hut or Wendy’s the last three days.



We also enjoyed our devo because the acoustics  are always so beautiful in the little chapel where we meet.  Brett Mitchell has been doing our devos and he gave a very poignant one tonight.  He told of coming here about 20 years ago and seeing three little boys who were brothers in a village.  The oldest one’s name was Carlos and he recalled seeing the little brother who was playing by the road in a dirty diaper.

El Mono


 Brett and his wife, Judy, (probably girlfriend at the time) played with the boys and made a connection with these boys, year after year, the would look for these boys when they came back to Honduras.   To make a long story  short, this one little planted seed caused many wonderful things to bloom from it.  Torch was able to build the family a house, and eventually Brett and Judy were instrumental in getting them out of the village when it became too dangerous because of gangs.

This is Reid, who is 4 and our youngest Torcher.  This is her third trip and her attitude will put the rest of us to shame.  Her dad is Brett, who has been giving our devotionals.


 This relationship grew throughout the years, and eventually the boys’ mom begged Brett and Judy to take them to the US , so they could have a better life. Brett and Judy, of course, weren’t able to do that, but a friend of Judy’s happened to be working in Honduras with orphans and she took the boys in to care for them.  Fast forward to the present……the oldest is in college getting a degree in computer engineering and the other boys are still in school.

This is pretty much the whole team, you can see the preacher and his family in front with the associate minister


Brett’s true personal story helps us realize that one person can make a difference.  Each time we play with one of these children, we could form a relationship that can set many positive things in motion.
Photo: Machetes for sale!!
A man was selling his wares tonight.
(Thank you Steve Johnson for the pictures that I borrowed!!)
(I also apologize to Brett for my paraphrased version of his devo.)

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