Friday, June 28, 2013

Casa Numero Uno

Here is one of the mansions that we drove past.
Today was house build number one.  We actually left the mission house and drove to the right. (We hardly ever go that way.)  Some of you that have been before may remember the year we worked up there and had a hot dog roast in a park up there.  Since we were up on the mountain, the temperature was quite nice and we didn't get too hot.

Five people were living in this house.  We built the house for the little boy in the background and his parents.


We drove up the mountain and went past some huge mansions.  I was kind of wondering if there were any poor people who lived up there.  We stopped on a little dirt road and saw our wood on a path in the jungle.  I don’t know if it is technically a full-fledged rain forest, but it sure looked like one.



After a short hike, we came upon our site.  We were building by a mismatched “home” that appeared to have 5 people living in it.  Our group worked very well together, we were like a well-oiled machine. “Tricky” Pat was our jefe (Spanish for boss) and we had almost all of our walls up in  and we were done by 2:00.

This is Austin one of our Torchers from the Keys.  This family puppy is in much better shape than most all of the dogs we see.

He was sweet and he loved this ball that I had in my backpack.

This Honduran girl was tiny, but tough.  She put most of the men to shame.  She could drive a spike in 2-3 wacks.  She stayed on the roof the whole time. 


Saying a prayer during the house dedication.  This is the family.

There were two other groups today.  One group broke down bulk food and assembled food bags for families.  These bags included: rice, beans, sugar, coffee, flour, lard, salt, and bouillon cubes.  Each family will get enough to last about 2-3 weeks.
This is the trail that we took to the house site.



The other group was supposed to be unloading the container, pulling items to send back to Choluteca, but in fact, we went to the warehouse around 3:00 and the container had just gotten there!!!  We all proceeded to help unload the container!!  (I am old and had been hammering all day, so I sat and rested!!


I’m not exactly sure what tomorrow’s plans are, but I should be able to make a post!!!


  1. I uproot trees with my bare hands. You build houses for poor people. Keep up the good work. Joyce

  2. That's wonderful! Love Mom Your too young to use the "old" card!