Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome to Honduras!!


or Bienvenidos!  That is a saying we have down here.  The saying is used anytime something doesn’t go as planned.  Out of my 7 trips down here, something has happened almost every time. Those would be stories for another time.



This year, my day started when the alarm went off at 3 am.  Nick and Taylor drove me to the airport, which was nice and saved me $$$ from not having to park my car for 21 days.








The Nashville flight to Miami was uneventful. The Miami flight  to Honduras was going well too until we were getting ready to descend. 
 The pilot announced that we had a mechanical problem and we were FLYING TO SAN PEDRO SULA, which was about 25 minutes by air.  They implied that everything was okay, but they wanted a mechanic to check to make sure it was okay.  We landed with no problem in San Pedro Sula. No one panicked because the pilot was calm, but we couldn't figure out why we were landing in a different place.
We landed with no problem and my friend and I were getting a little concerned because someone was supposed to pick us up in Teguc at 11:30.  We tried to brainstorm and figure out how we would contact them if they weren't at the airport to pick us up.

I'm kind of tired after sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours. (not the most flattering pic!!)

We had no idea how long it would take, but  the pilot made an announcement to keep us informed.  They passed out water and ONE GRANOLA BAR. (Most of us had been up since 3 am, and it was past lunch by this time.)


Well, two hours later, the pilot announced that a bug (We think the actual insect type) had interfered and was messing up some of their controls. They flew to San Pedro Sula to be on the safe side because it is a much easier airport to land in.  (You have to have special training to land in Teguc.  It's like landing in a cereal bowl that is surrounded by mountains. )So, to make a long story short it is dinner time and we really haven’t been able to do any work today.

finally in the long customs line
Finally in beautiful Honduras!!




  1. Sounds like an adventure that I'm proud I missed! Get some rest! I would have had water and food in my carry on bag!!

  2. I did have some water and food, but this was after only having a small bar at 5:00 am. It's all good!

  3. I'm sure you were worn out by the time you made it to Torch. Did they come and pick you guys up or was it a bus home? It's ironic that an add for Aircraft Repair Training is at the bottom of your blog today. Have fun, work hard and keep us posted.

  4. glad you arrived safely. love the updates as you have time, and the past experiences would be a good read, I am sure. smile! you look fantastic! blessings and a very productive trip! Kim Kelley-OOSSHHDDNN!

  5. Yes, Very funny Nick! Thanks for the comments Kim & everyone, it makes me feel connected to everyone back home!