Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lord's Day in Cholutec (Where the devil goes to get a hot cup of coffee!)

Okay, I currently have internet and I will try to make this short and sweet.  We spent yesterday picking up the team at the airport. We then went to the warehouse to pick up supplies to take with us to Choluteca.  Our container has not made it, but we picked up things left over from other teams.


Our team arriving on Saturday.

We then spent a wonderful 3+hour school bus ride to Choluteca.  It was slow and boring and believe it or not, we didn’t stop for one “potty” break! We got to our nice ranch style hotel that we stayed in last year.  Considering it’s about $45 per room and four people can fit in a room, it’s a pretty good deal. (Breakfast is also included!)

My view while waiting at the airport in the truck.

A view on our long bus ride.



We got our room assignments and then headed out for dinner.  A new mall had just opened a few days ago, and we headed there for dinner along with everyone else in town!!!

Waiting to leave for dinner

Today, Sunday, we headed to church to worship with the Agua Agria church of Christ.  This church is in the small village of Agua Agria, and probably as the crow flies, it’s only about 15 miles away.  You have to realize that you get there by driving slowly down a rutted dirt/gravel road.  That means that it ends up taking about 45 minutes to get there.



A little hike down the "road" to church

We enjoyed the service, but as you will see we were hot.  Just imagine going to church when the temperature is 90%, the humidity is about 100% and you are sitting in a room and the only ventilation is an open window and an open door.  Church lasted about 2 hours and then we spent another hour standing outside and talking while our group leaders worked out the details for our week. 


We ate lunch out and then we came back to the hotel, unloaded our supplies, sorted the clothing we had and broke down all of the medications that we had with us.  I personally counted 50 Motrin and put them in a baggie with a label that said “donated by the church of Christ”.



We will be here four more days and here is the list of work we will accomplish:

1.       3 day VBS

2.       3 day ladies’ Bible class

3.       Medical clinic

4.       Clothing giveaway

5.       Build 2 houses for the preacher and his associate (The new preacher who is supported by the Bell Shoals Church of Christ.)  For those of you who have come and built houses before, this house is a special design with 2 rooms.

6.       Build a Sunday school classroom onto the church.


I may be busy and not have much internet, so I may not be posting every day while I’m here.


Keep us in our prayers!! Much love! Patty  xoxo

PS: Please don’t be too harsh on any errors I make!  I don’t have enough time to proofread this!



  1. Sounds like a good start! Love Mom

  2. It is great that you do this. Joyce Striclyn

  3. wonderful beginning! hot as a pig without a mudhole! wow! very interesting, as usual Kim Kelley