Friday, June 21, 2013

Praying for Our Container!!

People always think that it is hot here, but in we stay up on the mountain and it is quite pleasant and can even get cool!

Many of you know that we shipped all of the supplies we collected by cargo ship in huge containers.  That’s really the only way to send supplies down.

We had two rooms of "stuff" to be sorted. The other room had 5 times as much!

Diane taking a before picture.  When teams leave they often leave the stuff they have brought on the trip. (food, sunscreen, shampoo, clothes, shoes, etc.)

 The containers arrive and you have to pay for them and then you have to cross your fingers that they will be released.  I don’t really understand all of the ins and outs, but from what I can it seems a little corrupt and shady.
A group was playing soccer on the grounds.

This bluff looks over the mountain.

We had found out yesterday that it was here, but not released yet.  Two Torch teams have already left and they never got their supplies.  It doesn’t mean that they don’t get to work, but they just don’t get to use all of the supplies that they specifically collected for their trip.  That will be the boat we will be in if it isn’t released by tomorrow.


There were four of us here today, and our plan was to organize our supplies and pull the things we were going to take to Choluteca on Saturday. 

more stuff to sort


Since it wasn’t here yet, we spent the day organizing left over supplies from past groups.  The supplies also consisted of dirty clothes and muddy shoes (yuck) left over from previous teams.    We spent the day working hard sorting and boxing up left over odds and ends.



Our fearless leader, Terry, arrived this afternoon and we enjoyed catching up with him and he helped us finish up. Villa Gracia, the place we are staying, had a function going on tonight and wouldn’t be cooking for us, so we decided to go into town to a nice sit down restaurant.

We gave some kids a ride down the mountain.


(We won’t really have that opportunity we the whole team arrives.)  We ate at Hacienda Real and it was beautiful and specialized it Honduran grilled carne (meat). 


view on the street down in the city

La Hacienda Real

Please pray with us that our container gets here.  Things will be fine if it doesn’t, but it would be better if it did.  Either way, we pick up the rest of the team around noon and then we will head to Choluteca.




That will be a 4-5 hour trip by school bus. (Sounds like fun doesn’t it?)  We are heading toward the coast, but before you think this is a day at the beach let me explain.  Choluteca is described as the place where the devil goes to get a hot cup of coffee! Another words, hot, humid and NO CENTRAL AC!!

Until next time!! oxxo PJ


 PS: I had some other really nice pictures, but the internet suddenly slowed down and my pictures aren't loading anymore.  I'll try to add them tomorrow!  Good night!!

Buenas noches!!

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