Monday, June 24, 2013

A good honest day's work!

Diane delivering the lesson, with Hannah translating
Today started early because we had to eat breakfast and be packed and on the bus by 8:00 am.  We headed back to Agua Agria and endured another bumpy, dusty bus ride.

View of the school from los banos

We arrived about 45 minutes later and found many people already crowded around the school.  The village actually closed school for three days because of all of our projects this week. (VBS, medical clinic, clothing giveaway, and Ladies’ Bible Class)



I had decided to help Diane work with the ladies.  She focused her lesson on “raising a child up in the Lord”.  Hannah, a young girl from Freed, led songs for us in Spanish and translated Diane’s lesson.  We had a nice size crowd of about 15, which included the preacher’s wife, Soshi.
  She spoke English fairly well and we enjoyed talking to her.  She is due to give birth to a baby boy in about a week.  On a side note, the ladies decided to buy baby gifts for her, and we presented them to her today.  She cried with happiness and surprise when she got all of the gifts! Diane’s lesson went well and she gave each lady a t-shirt for their children. (See picture)


I mentioned yesterday that this community has gotten a full-time preacher for the first time.  This happened because of the generous support of two churches in Florida, Bell Shoals Church of Christ and South Trail Church of Christ.  They also raised the money to build a house for the preacher, the associate preacher and a Sunday school room. 



After lunch, Diane and I joined the team that was building the preacher’s house.   This house wasn’t a normal “Torch” house.  It actually will have two rooms and a third room will be a Sunday school room/office.  Our team worked very quickly (with the help of some of the locals) and we got all of the walls, and most of the floor and roof put up.


As I mentioned yesterday, we had a team doing a VBS class, a medical clinic, and another team working up the hill on the associate minister’s house.  They ran into some issues and were not able to finish today.  We are all scheduled to go back to the jobs we went on today.
(A side note: We made the news again.  TV cameras came because of the work we are doing & the head of the town said they would bus in many more people tomorrow from villages that don't have access to medical care.  Thanks to Dr. Hasha Patel who came from Brandon, Fl!  We also have two pharmacists, a nurse and two physical therapists!!!  It is so wonderful that they come and use their skills to help the people here!!)


I mentioned already how hot it is here, well, I either got used to being sweaty, or it wasn’t as bad today.  Most of the day was a little overcast, so that helped.  We finished around 4, went and had dinner and finished the evening with a devo.  We will be back on the job leaving tomorrow at 8 am sharp.


PS: We are still hoping the container will arrive before this team leaves.  They had specific things they got for the preachers at Agua Agria. (Furniture, baby bed, etc.)  I’m sure if it doesn’t arrive, someone will make sure they get it.


Good night for tonight!! Xoxo PJ

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  1. Wonderful that so many will be helped. Sweet little girl! Love Mom