Friday, July 5, 2013

Thrilled & Excited!!! (The New Team, that is!!)










Waiting at the Honduran airport is a big deal, there is usually a camera crew waiting for some dignitary.

We picked up our new team yesterday and spent the day at the airport.  This group is mainly from Kittanning, PA, Western Hills Church of Christ in Nashville, Ashland City and some various other places.


This is Riley Bowers who lives in Springfield, TN.  It's a small world because his grandparents go to church with my aunt in Mayfield, KY.  This was our creative way to alphabetize the name tags of the arriving Torchers!
These Torchers are enjoying bus "surfing" as we take the curvy drive up the mountain.

Jenny Lovell and her niece, Joanna waiting for their room assignments.

Terry put them to work right away.  They have tons of energy and they jumped right in breaking down bulk food items, moving boxes, and making hygiene kits for people at the hospital day.


 making hygiene packets (muchos toothbrushes)

assembled hygiene pack

Breaking down bulk food and assembling food bags (rice, sugar, beans, tomato sauce, spaghetti, coffee, sugar, flour, boullion cubes)

Diane, Sarah and I worked on assembling bags for the maternity ward.  We had a bunch of food boxes donated by Walmart, hence the bags.  We were asked to take lots of pictures!!

Today’s plan is to visit the hospital and the blind school and have lunch at the Peace Monument.  I’ll try to take lots of pictures and keep you updated if we have anything exciting happen!!!


We actually weren't able to go to the Blind School, it is closed for a holiday. We visited the hospital in the morning, had lunch at the Peace Monument and then went back to the hospital in the afternoon.

Technology is amazing.  My picture card has died, so now I'm just using my phone.  My pictures are automatically syncing to my laptop!  How cool is that?  All of mine from the hospital haven't synced yet, but here's some from the Peace Monument.


 xoxo  PJ


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  1. Welcome to the new group! love Mom