Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tedious work for the Lord! I love it!


Today was a tedious day for Diane, Sarah and me.  We worked in the warehouse trying to organize the supplies.  In case you didn't hear, the Honduran government held our container for many days and then proceeded to charge us a storage fee.  We took a big hit that really ate into our work budget for this team.  Fortunately, we had lots of people working back home to donate money to help us.

Because of that, most likely, we will not ship by container next year.  That's why we worked in the warehouse.  We were trying to inventory everything that we haven't used so we can use it for next year.  Sarah worked hard on the medicine and Diane and I got started on the clothes.  It will probably takes us a good day or 2 to finish.

We had a small team doing another house build.  It was a small team and they were lucky to have an ideal site.  The materials were already at the site and the wood was already in place and sorted.  They also didn't run into any rock when they were setting the posts.

A large group went back to the hospital and delivered hygiene bags, food and special bags for new mothers.  Both groups visited the blind school after lunch and then came back and picked us up.

How do you like our impromptu sorting table???

We are supposed to be going to the Jesus statute tonight for our devo after dinner.  I guess I may wait to post this because I'll probably have some nice pictures from that.

Deep fried plantains for lunch  (I got them at the local pulperia (small store).

I decided to use a picture from last year.  I'm sorry, I'm tired!!!

I'm getting really tired.  We really only have 4 work days left!

xoxo  PJ

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