Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Friends, thank you for your help


The dream team





Michelle & ONeada, they are tiny, beautiful Honduran girls and they are beasts on a work site!

Today was another great day!!!  I was on a team that built my third and final house.  All of my friends, family, church family and anyone else who bought my jewelry, thank you!  You put a roof over a family’s head tonight!






This house went to a single mother with three boys that appeared to be about 1, 2, and 6.  She was, of course, overjoyed, tearful and thankful!!  The actual site was gorgeous.  We were way up the mountain overlooking Moaloa.  The problem is, we had about a mile hike up a very steep mountain.  Before you think we walked up a path like the ones in the Rocky Mountains, think again!!!




We mostly walked on bare dirt, which isn’t easy.  I started out carrying a 2x4 on my way up because I thought it would save me a trip, well, I have to say that was the only wood I carried up.  We were lucky to have some Honduran men carry the wood for us because it was an impossible task.  Honestly, if I had it and it wouldn’t cause World War III, I would have paid them a $100 for carrying the wood.  It would have been well worth it.  Besides  that, we had an awesome team. 
Everyone had a great attitude and we worked together well.  My team included the interns, Ginny Reece, Riley Bowers, Tyler Gist, and Leah Wright.  We also had Randi and “Tricky” Pat from PA, Jeremy and Nelson from Arkansas (I think), Josh, Zack, and Becca who live around or go to Freed.  Michele is a Honduran girl who has been translating for us, she worked all day and even did a lot of the roof.  Taylor Sullivan from KY was also on our team.


One team built another house and another team working on taking out concrete behind the daycare in Moaloa. Moaloa has experienced flooding in recent rains, so they were trying to repair some damage from that.

House dedication and prayer 

During the day, I got to reunite with a sweet young guy named David.  (pronounced  Daw-vid, with stress on the first syllable)  He remembered my name and also asked if Taylor was here this year.  Last year, I sent some very nice soccer cleats specifically for him and I was very sad to here that he never got them.  Our team is supposed to be going back, and I plan on taking he and his friend some shoes if it kills me!!!

A group also worked at the feeding center in Moaloa.  After they were done they enjoyed some fellowship with the lady workers.  They fixed each others hair.  Wendy, in pink, is a Honduran lady who has amazing skills with hair! 
This is Angel, 13 year old from PA, and Wendy.

Pray for these sweet people please!!!!


Xoxo  PJ







  1. Wonderful news! Love Mom

  2. Keep up the good work.