Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last weekend of January

The last weekend of January 2011

Saturday evening:
A little good news:  I think I may have mentioned that my 23 year son is a helicopter mechanic.  He is working a year as a private contractor in Afghanistan.  When he went, he didn't know exactly where he would be located.  He has ended up in a small quiet base in northern Afghanistan.  It's called Mazar e Sharif.  We feel very blessed that he ended up there.  His good friend, that went over there the same time that he did, ended up in Kandahar.

Well anyway, he has one day of work and then he will be on his way home for his mid-term vacation.  He has to travel via military transport to either Kandahar or Kabul and then buy a ticket home through a private airlines.  I am asking for prayers of safe travel on his behalf.  He won't have to report back until Feb. 20th!  We are looking forward to seeing him!! :0)

Saturday in Clarksville was beautiful

The Y in Clarksville, one of my favorite places

I'm heading to my 10:30 Zumba class!!! I LOVE ZUMBA!!! Two short videos will follow!

A Yoga class is finishing up.  I have done Yoga classes before.  It is very relaxing and not as easy as it appears.

Zumba (I apologize for the videos.  They are very short, but you have to understand I was participating in the class.  You will get the sense of the music and the enthusiasm!!)

In Zumba, a lot of the songs have a Spanish influence.  In this song, there is a part that sounds like "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" and you will see us wiggling every part of our body!   FUN!!!!!

This one is funny because I'm actually moving around and "dancing" while I take this video.  This instructor always has Rihanna, "Only Girl in the World".  You may not know this, but this is currently one of my favorite songs.  This is a GREAT song to dance to!!!

Three Guesses:  Can you tell where this is???


A little treat at Starbucks for a job well done

Saturday afternoon:  Hubby and I headed to Murray.  I took some bracelets to the Peddlers' Mall.

A stop at one of my favorite stores, I need to buy stock in this place

We met my mom for a late lunch/early supper.  We have eaten at many Thai restaurants and this one in Murray ranks as one of the best. 

It's not a good idea to go after 2:30 because they close at 3:00.  We had called ahead and they said that the last order they took was at 2:45, but when we got there at 2:30, they warned us that they would leave at 3:00.  Needless to say, we felt a little rushed.  I think they are losing a lot of business because they turned about 7 people away.

Great food though!!!!
I shrunk this picture because not only are my eyes shut, but these jeans made me hate a part of my body that I don't like.  Maybe it's time to throw them away.  LoL!!!

Bracelets I'm putting in the Peddlers' Mall in Murray.  (ask for booth #88)

My friend, Renee's booth at Peddlers' Mall.  Check it out, she has lots of neat stuff!!!

Saturday evening:  Before heading home, hubby and I headed by an interesting cemetery that was close to one of the homes I lived in growing up.  The sign is new, but the message has been there forever.  I always thought it was creepy and scary.  There are some very old gravestones there. (some from the 1700s)

Going over Kentucky Lake bridge at sunset

Sunday:  Another beautiful sunny day, Temps reached the 60s, I believe

Ready for church
Notice the fridge has been decluttered!!!

9:00  Sunday school, 10:00  Church  They say there are no coincidences.....Well, today's sermon was, "I'm so stressed out".  I'm going to give an update on my last post about fear.  I plan to use information from that sermon.  Thank you Steve, It was a great one!!!

12:45  We picked up my son's car from getting detailed.  Attention all you young single women out there:  My son is cute, tall, can be sweet and he has a good job and a great car!!!! LoL, I can hear him now, "Mommmmmmm".  Actually, that's my other son I'm hearing.

1:30  Another Zumba class at the Y (always good times) *See previous videos

2:30  Weekly shopping at Wal-mart

5:00  Meeting at church (I'm on the daycare board.)

6:00  Sunday evening (Every fifth Sunday, we worship in song.  I really enjoy these, especially the new songs.  There is nothing like a great acapella song service.) We had two very young boys who lead tonight.  They did an amazing job.  I took a very short video of the youth minister's son.  (I kept it short because I felt a little awkward taking a video at church. ) 

I have added a link to the song, "Thomas' Song" that we sung tonight.  It's a beautiful song, but the images in the video are from "Passion of the Christ".  The images are disturbing, but I feel they are an accurate portrayal of the crucifixion.

  (If you double click on these, you should get another link to youtube.)

Here's a link to a medley of awesome praise songs!!

Well, I think I will save the update on the Fear blog to a future blog. It's Sunday night and the weekend is almost over.  The hubby has another business trip this week, and I will be waiting to hear about my son's flight information.  Here's to no more bad weather.  Today felt like Spring and I'm hoping it is here to stay!!!

Don't be a "sour puss", have a great week!!!


  1. Can't wait to see Lucas!

  2. I'm so glad Lucas is on his way home. What a blessing. Thanks for the picture of the cat. It made me laugh and I needed a laugh.

  3. Enjoyed your words Patty. So happy Lucas is getting to come home for a break. Nice parents to detail his car!! Susan

  4. Thanks Susan!! I'm pretty sure that we just arranged to have it detailed. He's the one with the extra money right now!! :D