Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pictures of my most recent trip back in June

Sorting supplies and making hygiene packs.

 Devo in the oldest church in the western hemisphere

Bible stories at a local school

We visited this special needs orphanage .  The man that ran if totally funded it through donations.  Even though, the children were fed, clothed and had a nice to live, it was obvious this bedridden child hadn't had enough Physical Therapy.  The PTs were telling me things I could do, but the problens were too far gone.

This little girl didn't respond to me until I got her out of the wheel chair.  I swung her around and then she smiled and hugged my neck. I'll add the pic. at the end.  It's not the best quality.

I assisted a dental hygenist.  We had a dental clinic for children from some of the orphanages and poorest areas of Honduras.  It was a new and interesting experience for me.
Painted a local church

I was holding a cute baby.  We had a gospel meeting/revival at the same church that we painted.  The people came all the way in from the country.

We built a home for this family.  We would call this a nice shed, but they were very proud of their home. 

This little boy was in the house right next door. It was so close you could reach out and touch him.  He sat and watched us the whole time we were there.

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