Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am a creature of habit!!! Earring news!! Bargain shopping!!

Bargain shopping/fashion sense (not that I have any)

1. Can non-skinny people where skinny jeans?  Yes, if you get the Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans.

2. Do you have to spend a lot for a fashion trend?  No, check out the biker boots that I got at Rack Room shoes for $20.00!!  (All of these pictures were taken by 2nd graders!  Not during instructional hours, of course!)

3.  I am also modeling one of my new styles of earrings.  These are sterling silver and some kind of semi-precious red stone.  (I do keep some of the earrings for myself!)Sorry, it's really hard to take pictures of earrings.

Creature of Habit???

I think I am a creature of habit.I have had the same job for more than 25 years.  I have been married to the same man for over 30 years and I can eat the same thing for breakfast for months at a time!!  What does that say about me???  I don't know, I'm boring?? I don't like change??  I don't know, but I don't think that's quite the answer.  I think it has more to do with being somewhat of a perfectionist (You wouldn't believe that,  if you saw my house!) and wanting to have control of my life.  When things change, you often lose control with that change.  Although sameness, can be comfortable, it can also be boring.  Do I enjoy the sameness? No, not always, but it's safe.  Habits can be a good thing and a blessing.  A few years ago our church emphasized reading the Bible through in a year.  I decided to give up some of my regular morning reading (chick lit., and other fiction) and start reading the Bible.  Well, I have continued that habit now for more than 5 years.  When this new year rolled around I considered stopping, but I couldn't.  All in all, this habit has blessed me in many ways.  I can now "own" my faith and "know" my faith.  I don't have to sit and wait for someone to tell me what I should think, do and believe, I have learned on my own by studying the Bible. 

Good girl syndrome (not that I always was)

I have suffered from the "good girl" syndrome.  Let me explain myself, I always thought if I was always "good" and did my best, then things would always be great.  That's not true.  We can't be good all of the time and of course, we can't be perfect.  We have to let go, and let God, as the expression goes.

On a lighter note......

Many people say there are no coincidences.  Today, I had been reflecting on being a perfectionist and I was in a faculty meeting and the following poem was used as an illustration.....................Enjoy!!

Almost Perfect
by Shel Silverstein

"Almost perfect...but not quite."
Those were the words of Mary Hume
At her seventh birthday party,
Looking 'round the room.
"This tablecloth is pink not white-
Almost perfect...but not quite."

"Almost perfect...but not quite."
Those were the words of grown-up Mary
Talking about her handsome beau,
The one she wasn't gonna marry.
"Squeezes me a it too tight-"
Almost perfect...but not quite."

"Almost perfect...but not quite."
Those were the words of ol' Miss Hume
Teaching in the seventh grade,
Grading papers in the gloom
Late at night up in her room.
"They never cross their t's just right-
Almost perfect...but not quite."

Ninety-eight the day she died
Complainin' 'bout the spotless floor.
People shook their heads and sighed.
"Guess that she'll like heaven more."
Up went her soul on feathered wings,
Out the door, up out of sight.
Another voice from heaven came-
"Almost perfect....but not quite."

Something to thing about!!!


  1. Smooth and easy reading, reflective and insightful. Always enjoy the ephiphanies of our days...good job!

  2. Thanks Kim!!! It's funny how we have become friends & I haven't met you! I appreciate all of the encouragement. I'm still figuring out how this works & I'm glad I was able to get the comment thing going again!!

  3. I started going to Community Bible Study last year and it has changed so much about my faith! Beth Moore studies have helped as well. I am still going to CBS, but have decided to read through the Bible as well. God's Word is just food for my soul! I can understand how you feel about that.

    You look so wonderful! I am back on the workout and healthy eating wagon. when Charlie and I retires we want to backpack around Italy--so I am going to have to be in shape!

    In talking about your "sameness" it made me think that you are steadfast. You are always improving and learning everyday--you aren't staying the same--but you are steadfast and faithful in your life. Good qualities!

  4. Jan,This year, I'm reading "Life Pr (inciples Daily Bible" by Charles F. Stanley. He has some Old, New, Psalms & Proverbs. The last two years at least, I have read straight through. This is a nice change, plus I actually read and like his commentaries. Small favor, can I go back-packing with you & Charlie across Italy???LOL I would love it, it's not Nick's thing. (He does some to humor me!)

  5. I think I will go look at the Life Principles book--sounds like a good one! I bought a book today called Mother Daughter Duet. It's about having good relationships with your adult daughters. :-)

    I'll ask Charlie about the backpacking thing LOL