Friday, January 21, 2011

A Little of This/A Little of That

Do I look skinnier on a clear liquid diet???

Thursday:  Clear Liquid Diet :(
That was bad enough, but I got to school and found out I had to fill in for someone at a meeting.  Then the students came and I had another meeting. 

 I got back in the room and was given the message that we were dismissing at 12:30.  (I also had not graded my papers the night before!)  Well, that meant that I had about an hour to:  grade Spelling tests, finish planning for next week, grade yesterday's papers, get ready for my sub tomorrow, (I'm having a medical procedure done, so I'll be out.) and keep 18 second graders under control. 

 Needless to say, I was a little stressed.  I can't complain too much because....we did get out early. 

Lesson Learned:  Don't put off doing tomorrow what you can do today!  ??Is that how it goes???

As I sit here Thursday the snow is coming down and piling up quickly.  These pictures are after the first hour.  I am getting a head start on this blog because I'm eating green jello (yuck) and Sprite.  I'm trying to take my mind off the hunger.

Scroll down for a hotter picture !!!!!

No one has taken me up on the offers of a beach trip yet.  I am ready.......

The snow is still coming down.  It looks like at least three inches.  This is the most snow we have gotten this winter.

We have been studying about Matter in Science.  It doesn't take much to get second graders wound up.  On Wednesday, we not only had a new student (woo! hoo!), but we did a special activity in Science also. 

You can tell from these pictures that they are fully engaged!!

Well, it's Thursday and a little after 5:00 pm.  Only about 18 more hours before I can eat some real food.  What will it be????? I haven't decided yet....

Looks like 3+ inches to me.....

Friday:  I was up early walking the dog and finishing my prep.  The snow was sparkly in the moonlight!

Dressed comfortably and ready to leave, not real excited about what's ahead.  I prayed to God and said "I'm ready for whatever you think I need.  I put my trust in you!" (That might not have been my exact words, but that was the thinking behind it.)

Cocoa is enjoying the sun & not very concerned about anything else!

Highway 76 was still pretty bad at 10:30.  We could see that the west-bound traffic on I-24 was backed up, so we went the back way. I was considering all of my lunch possibilities afterwards.  Kori?  Pancho Villa? Olive Garden?  Chilis?  So many choices.........

Hello, old friend, I have missed you!!!!!

MY CHOICE FOR LUNCH WAS.................................................

HONG KONG WOK  I love their Singapore Street Noodles.  (It has curry, red pepper and everything, but the kitchen sink!!)  I have turned several of my friends on to this dish!

I started with won ton soup,

Fried Dumplings,

and my noodles for the main course....We should have shared this!  I have enough for leftovers!

Yummy & spicy!!!!

I'm waiting for that respect!

On to the next adventure:  I can't drive, I can't workout, so I am at the hubby's mercy!  We have an odd situation...even though we live in Montgomery County, our mailing address is Adams.  That means our mail is delivered through the Robertson Co. postal system.  They had tried to deliver a package to us yesterday and we weren't home, so,  that means a trip to the happening big metropolis of Adams, TN!!!  It's normally a beautiful drive through the country, but the roads were a little dicey!!

I love this house out in the country!

We reached our destination: the Adams Post Office!!  It was a package that our son sent from Afghanistan!! Lots of interesting things that he bought in the bazaar. (scarves, stones, jewelry, Afghani (sp?) hat, coins, etc.)  Thank you Lucas!!!  We look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!!  xoxo

Cocoa being a good sport.  She is modeling one of the scarves!  :0)

I have worn two "snow" sweaters in the last week or so, but I was not doing a snow dance.  I think it is time to put this sweater up!!!

Profound (Maybe) Thought for the Day:  Do you ever get tired of your work?  Do you ever get bored with your daily chores?  Do you ever feel unappreciated?  I know that I do!  Consider this...... Colosians 3:17
  "And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father."  Also, if you look at the previous verses, it says to do these things with kindness, compassion, humility, gentleness, forgiveness and patience!  I know I can use more of all of these attributes!

Last few words on the subject: (I'm borrowing this from the preacher from my mom's church and I can't remember where he said he got this.  I hope I got it right.....)

If you do good at the big things you will be successful, but if you do great at the little things you will have job security!!

I hope you have a great weekend.  No more snow sweaters for now!!!

xoxo Friends


  1. So glad your procedure went well---love the pictures of the snow! :-)

    The lunch looks so good! we are having Chinese tonight--and if we weren't I would want to after seeing your pictures! :-)

    So will Lucas be back home in 2 weeks for good? This time has gone so quickly! How neat of him to have sent you a package with unigue Afghani things!:-)

    Rest up and have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Jan! Lucas gets a mid-way vacation and so that means he will have 6 more months. I think he gets about 20 days (counting travel time). Again, I appreciate all of the encouragement! I hope you have a great weekend!