Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good News/Patty's Book Club

Tuesday, I'm here!

FYI:  My husband's mind must be in the gutter.  He commented on the title of my last post, "Five Guys/Three Day Weekend".  Naive, little old me didn't think anything about it.  If you haven't read that post, you need to read it so that you will understand the title!!  :0)

Friday (LOL, the black chair behind me isn't part of my body) Check out my Target sweater.  I'm sorry for those of you who don't have a Target near by.  I love that store!


I have had  a week of great sleep! I'm talking drowsy, can't keep my eyes open, don't want to get up in the morning, sleep!  I LOVE IT!!!  It is amazing how much better I feel! Thank you, thank you, thank you, God!

Speaking of sleep: We have a king-size bed. If you look carefully you can see my arm.  Out of all of the room on the bed, look where Cocoa is sleeping!!  Nick came to bed and she was sleeping in his place.  He had to take a picture!  :0)

Personal Prayer Request:  I am having a routine procedure  on Friday.  It's one of those recommended for people of my age.  I won't go into the gorry details, but I'm prepping all day Thursday (yuck).  Please pray that all goes well and that I can manage a day of work with little or nothing to eat! Thank you friends!

Who is tired of winter?? Who would like to go here with me right now??Let's hop on a plane!  I'm all in and ready!

On a lighter note:  Isn't FB and the internet amazing??? Between FB and this blog, I have been hearing from old friends that I haven't connected with in 30 years or more. (One of my first "boyfriends" sent me a friend request. Ah...puppy love!)  All of the kind and complimentary comments really do encourage me and make my day.  Please feel free to continue with the comments and  messaging. (I love it!) 

Patty's Book Club:  I love to read!  I always have and I always will.  I have signed up so that I can post books with Amazon links.  You are welcome to ignore the link, but I have to say ordering from Amazon is about as cheap and painless as going to a used book store.

Here is some information about books that I am either currently reading or have recently finished:

The Piano Teacher is set during and after WWII in Thailand.  It was not an easy read because the chapters skipped between during and after the war.  I found it was interesting to read about what Thailand was like during  the Japanese occupation.  I would give this book 3 out of 5 points.

Shopaholic & Baby is totally light "chick lit".  This series lightly follows a young girl who is a major shopaholic. If it wasn't so crazy, it would be kind of sad. (because there are people really like this!)  I have read almost every book in the series, but I totally have to be in the mood for this "brainless" reading.  It does fill its purpose when you are in the mood for this kind of book.  I think many people really enjoy these books, but as for me, I give it a 2.5 out of 5.

I purchased Charles Stanley's "Life Principles Daily Bible" for myself after Christmas.  I really like that each day has some of the Old & New Testament, as well as, some scriptures from Psalms and Proverbs.  The author picks a few scriptures to comment it on daily.  It is just the right amount.  In other study Bibles, I usually skip the commentary....not this one.

Patty's Video Rental Pick:

This movie is PG13 and there is some light adult content.  I think most people could watch this with their teenage child without being embarrassed.  My son and I LOVE Steve Carell and we really enjoyed this movie.  We saw it at the theater and then bought it when it came out on video.  A lot of comedies ,today, are very vulgar, in my opinion.  This movie wasn't, it was fun.  It might not be for everybody, but all of my family liked it.

Prayer request:  Please keep this young soldier in your prayers.  He lost both legs and a hand in a road-side bomb explosion in Afghanistan.  I don't know this family personally, but they are from Clarksville.  His wife has subbed at the Clarksville Christian School. (I am on the board there.)  This is just one family, as you know, there are many more who are affected by this war.

Please remember me on Friday around 11:00.  I hope you have a great rest of the week!!!

xoxo Friends


  1. So glad you are getting some good sleep! Love the picture of Cocoa sleeping on the bed. :-)

    I didn't see the link to where your list of books is---I will have to go look for it.

    I have 3 books going right now---one being Mother/daughter Duet. It's from Focus on the Family--how to have good relationships with you adult daughters. :-) I can always use all the help I can get!

    Praying your procedure goes well!

  2. Thanks Jan!! I think I fixed where you can see the links now. I appreciate your prayers!! :0)

  3. Thanks for the video tip! We were looking for a movie to watch last night and ended up not choosing because we weren't sure about any of them. We will try this one! :-)

    I pray for the soldiers everyday, but I will add this family by name.

    Hope you make it tomorrow without any meals! that's a tall order---to work and to purge the system!