Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last night Cops episode, More Bargain Shopping/ Earrings in Murray???/ Life is like a Jewelry Box

Cops episode last night:

If you are friends with me on FB, then you know about the drama in my neighborhood last night.  If you didn't see it, go to my profile and read through my past posts.  I typed about it so much last night, that I don't want to repeat it all again.  Let's just say this, I'm taking off from my job as crime reporter tonight!!!! 

More Bargain Shopping

Sidebar:  I asked my second graders what a bargain was and they didn't know.  I was very surprised by that.  Well, I'm sure you all know, but I told them it was a good deal.  I love good deals!  Like I used to tell my sons when they were young and they wanted to buy something at the store,  "We can get something, if they are giving it away!" They weren't giving this away, but......Almost!   :0)

I got the jacket and skirt at JC Pennys in Murray the week after Christmas.  Each piece was around $20 or less.  Now, I thought that was a GOOD DEAL!  What do you think??  I think the skirt is telling me that I might need to loose a few extra lbs. and I didn't have my mother there this morning to tell me it was too tight, Oh Well!

I kind of look like the Fonz.

How to Tell your Getting old:

 You take two pairs of shoes to work. 1. A cute pair  2. A comfortable pair
Comfortable pair

Cute pair

 Profound (Maybe) Thought #1 for the Day:

I have always been a shy person. (I have outgrown some of that,at  this stage in my life!) Well, every time I would hear a sermon and the preacher would discuss Matthew 28:19 "Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." The sermon would always emphasize that that commandment was for each of us.  That always overwhelmed me. I always felt that was something that I just couldn't do. 1.  I was too shy, 2. I was too private & 3.  I just didn't think that I knew enough to teach others about God.   My profound thought is this.....Through technology, I have found a way to share my faith.  The computer is a way for a shy, private person to share, show and express my faith. (How can I be private, when  I have a blog? Not sure!)  I may be doing it in a round about, fun way, but I hope, that I am (sharing my faith, that is!)  I am not perfect, but I am forgiven!!!! 

Profound (Maybe) Thought #2 Life is Like a Jewelry Box:

Here is a thought I had as I was digging through my jewelry box looking for a pair of earrings at 6:45 this morning...  Life is like a jewelry box. Every now and then, you need to look through it, organize it, appreciate what is nice and throw away that junk you don't need anymore!!!  :0)

Great Earring News:

An old reconnected friend from FB, has offered to let me put some of my earrings in the Peddlers' Mall.  I think this was so generous of her and I'm looking forward to trying it out.  Some of my Murray friends and family have asked me how they can get some of my earrings.  Well,  there you go!!!!  I'll let everyone know on FB and this blog when this happens. It's amazing how many doors that God keeps opening for me!!Thanks so much Renee!  I think I love you! (Partridge Family song)  :0)

Prayer requests:
I am not going to mention names, but I know there are many people who are struggling with many issues right now. (grief, financial, relationship, etc.)  Please pray for them.  I know you don't know who they are, but....God knows!!

xoxo Friends!


  1. Could you sit in the skirt? LOL
    It looked nice!

  2. I love a bargain too! The skirt and jacket looked great!

    I like your life is like a jewelry box idea---

    It's amazing how we can share on this medium, but would never share as much in person. :-)

  3. You are so right Jan & Anon., I could sit down, but I thought it might be a close call!

  4. gathered all your profound ideas and made a great read. Keep them are going to do great with this blog