Monday, July 7, 2014

8 new brothers and sisters!!!

Today is Sunday and officially our day of rest.  Our group headed out to Mi Esperanza to learn about their mission work and shop in their store.  I never tire of hearing Lori Connell’s story about her work.


Lori shared her first mission trip when a mother came up and tried to get Lori to take her 6 month old daughter.  I can only imagine how tough your life would have to be to ask someone to take your child.  Lori’s experience changed her forever.  She and her  friend then began Mi Esperanza.  In the beginning, the mainly provided micro-finance loans of $50-200.  Studies have shown they are the best way to help people out of poverty.

Weddings are held here at Villa Gracia.  This was Saturday.
Lori telling us about Mi Esperanza.  Her husband, Mark Connell is also a missionary with The Honduras Project.  He helps us locate the families and coordinate the house builds.


Mi Esperanza has now focused on education of women.  It has been proven that educated women will raise educated children.  Please check out their website and learn more about their work. .  Our group enjoyed purchasing the beautiful products that the ladies make and some of the items are available on their website.



We normally have Sunday church in the morning, but the plan was to go to Valle de Angeles to eat lunch and enjoy the day.  It is a quaint colonial town of shops and restaurant. Diane, Pat, Jo Dawn and Dave had a delicious lunch of typical Honduran food. (Grilled meats)

The valle is full of quaint colonial buildings.

The best pupusas in Valle de Angeles. Pupusas are a little bit like a quesadilla.

The city center, We sat on the street for lunch and were serenaded by mariachis!

Diane and I shared this.


After shopping, we headed for a 3 pm church service at El Diamante.  This community is up on a high mountain with a panoramic view of other communities.  I’m fairly sure I worked on a house build earlier.  Some of our team worked on clearing land there this past week.  Someone has donated about 10 acres for a church and there is already a community center.  Many of this community had been walking 10 meters to Los Pinos church of Christ and because of that, Los Pinos has been working to plant a church in this area.  The congregation has been walking the distance to evangelize.  On Sunday mornings, they have church and then walk over to have church in El Diamante. 


Views in Diamante.  It seemed to be a high flat mountain top.  Very dusty!

We arrived and many were already there waiting for church to begin.  I estimate that there was about 200 hundred there, including our 60.  This community center is a very large concrete block building with a tin roof and a concrete floor.  A few from the community brought their own chairs and many sat on the floor against the wall. Our group sat on the floor in front of the pulpit. 

I didn't notice before church, but those are the baptism barrels!!!


It is always special to hear the Hondurans sing.  They always have so much spirit and enthusiasm.  We took turns singing in English and Spanish.  Our leader, Terry Reeves, preached a sermon about Cornelius and Tim Hines translated.  I have to say I expected a big response because we had heard about the huge numbers of conversions.  At the invitation, there ended up being 3 adult men and 3 adult women who came forward to be baptized.


The children are going to Sunday school.
The class for the ninos was held in one of those green houses.  Do you see the horses in front?

I was wondering what would be used for the baptisms.  We walked outside and there was 2 big barrels in the back of a pickup truck full of water.  Each person got in and were immersed totally going straight down in the water.  It was an amazing experience to witness these conversions and see the joys of their faces when their sins were washed away!  We stayed around giving hugs and talking till about 5 and then headed back to the mission house.

These people are lined up to be baptized!!!



This guy could hardly wait, he almost dove in by himself!!

I don't think I got a picture of the last man.  Here is a picture of all of them after they responded to the LOrd's invitation in church.


After evening devotional, we also found out that Cari Blount from Team #1 was baptized back in Florida!!!  What a way to end the day!!!  That is a total of 8 baptisms that has occurred because of our trip!!!

Welcome to the family Cari!!!!


Hasta luego!!


PJ  xoxo

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  1. Cari gave a very heartfelt confession. It was a joy to see her become our sister in Christ. Sherri