Friday, July 18, 2014

There is a reason they are called Rain Forests!!



Today was a travel day for us.  Some of our group had to get up early to get to early flights.  Others were dropped off at the airport, as well as one of our leaders dropped off his rental  SUV.  Traveling with 20+ people can be complicated!!


These pictures are from where we had lunch, Jalapenos.  This is an ox cart which CR is famous for.  These wheels are often used to make cool table tops!!

Most of came down with 2 rather large suitcases, mostly for donations and supplies.  We’ve given those things out and added a few souvenirs to our suitcases.  Our bus driver let us know that his tour bus couldn’t make it over the mountains with all of the extra suitcases, so we made arrangements to drop off our suitcases with our last hotel destination. (A bed and breakfast that we’ll stay in on Saturday before we fly out on Sunday morning.)


Every drive we take is filled with new gorgeous sights and interesting things to see.  After a few turns and some asked directions, we found the B&B, a small place on top of a mountain, with breathtaking views in all directions. 
There were two of these and they could talk and laugh like a little girl!!

 We took a bathroom break and left our extra piece of luggage.  We then headed to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano. (The most active in the world, or so I was told)


We found a cool place to eat lunch on the way back down this mountain.  It was called Jalapenos and I ordered chicken fajitas.  It was very delicious, but served a different way that I’m used to, no tortillas and a side order of French fries!!


Our whole time here we have been surrounded by mountains off in the distance.  These mountains always have beautiful clouds around the top.  It is hard to explain, but these are called cloud forests, we traveled through these as we made our way to La Fortuna.  Everything we have seen is beautiful.


I’m not exactly sure how long our trip was, but there was much to see so it went by quickly.  Besides the cloud forest, we traveled through the rain forest.  There was lush vegetation everywhere!  Needless to say, beautiful!

Bridges where only one car can pass at a time


We arrived at Arenal Paraiso Resort and checked in to our rooms, which are more like cabins.  The resort has many things to do, many of them free.  (Pools, hot springs pools (straight from the volcano), trails, spas, etc.)  They also have many types of tours that cost extra. (Horseback, boat, hiking, canopy tours, jeep, and many more) 


Diane and I had a pedicure before dinner because it had been over a month for both of us and we needed it.  We ended the evening with some songs and a discussion of whether some of us might want to do the tours together. 
My plan is to horseback ride for 3 hours and do the canopy tour!!  You only live once!!!  Lord, give me courage and strength!!  J 


Hasta luego!!


PJ  xoxo





  1. I am reading all of the comments, I just can't seem to respond while I'm editing, but I have read everyone and appreciate them! This is work for me, but I love sharing with everyone!! If I waited until I got home, I would forget everything.

  2. Enjoy the view! You are brave-- but won't you have a fun story to tell your students next month!!! Sherri Smith