Friday, July 11, 2014

Honduras, Mi Corazon, Proximo Ano!!! (sorry no accent marks)

We had our clinics inside classrooms at the school.  This was a major upgrade from our last clinic.

Today is bittersweet!  It is our last work day in Tegucigalpa.  Even though 9 of us are traveling on to Costa Rica, the rest will be flying home and we’ll have to say good-bye in the airport.  I know that is obvious, but the people I see here are like family. (The bus drivers, the kitchen workers, the laundry ladies & of course my fellow Torchers)  Plus, each year I always make new friends.
Teri Barber is a hygienist, she worked on patient education and gave out toothpaste and brushes.

  This year, I particularly enjoyed meeting Jo Dawn and Dave from Sarasota, Florida.  Since tomorrow is a travel day, I probably won’t blog.  We should make it to Costa Rica by late afternoon and I’m assuming the internet situation will be better.

I'm sorry this is blurry.  It was the best I could do on an Iphone at night.  These are some of my new and old friends and family here!!!




Today the whole group went to the  Didasko orphanage.  We had one group that was medical, dental, and vision.  Another group would take lunch back to the dump and then meet us at Didasko.  At Didasko, we would have our clinics, have a VBS class and do a “Daughters of the King”. Also, a few of our talented builders added to the children’s playground.  As far as I know, past Torch teams have built that playground.



Sarah, our nurse, worked in the medical clinic, of course.  Also, Dr. Ponce came out to help us again.  Their team saw about 150 patients. Diane, Jo and I manned the eye glass clinic.  We probably gave a total of 30 eyeglasses a way. 


People waiting for the clinic.

Didasko is way out  in the country about an hour away from the city.  The grounds are beautiful and the children are well cared for.  Our Torch Team usually works there every summer. The younger Torch members always enjoy playing soccer and hanging out with the kids there.

Teri is educating some of the  the children of the orphanage.
A new pair of glasses and a happy patient


I know I explain this every year, but “Daughters of the King” is created to show honor, respect and attention to the young girls.  It seems like that girls here don’t seem to be honored in the poor communities here.  Our young men (and ladies) wash the girl’s hair, put in braids and hair bows, and paint finger and toe nails. I usually let the other kids do the Daughters of the King because they enjoy it so much.
This little girl didn't like getting her hair washed!


Yes, I know my eyes are closed.  The teachers arranged for the children to dance some traditional Honduran dances.  It was so cute!!!

Well, I need to say good-bye because I’m tired and tomorrow is a travel day.  I know there’ll be many hugs, tears and “Proximo Anos”!!


Hasta luega!

PJ  oxox

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