Wednesday, July 9, 2014

At the feet of Jesus, House #4

Mi amiga, Oneyda.  She is an amazing beautiful young lady with a tough life story.  She could build the whole house by herself!!

At the feet of Jesus


Today is Tuesday and it will be my last house build.  This house was built with the money from everyone who donated, volunteered or bought jewelry.  I would love to go through my 700 plus friends on FB and tag everyone who was involved.  I would do that, but there really isn’t a good way to do it on my laptop.  When I get back home, look for your name!!!

some of our house build team

Two of my roommates, Sarah and Diane, hadn’t built a house yet and they planned on helping.  Diane started feeling sick and decided to stay back at the mission house.  Sarah is the group nurse and she is always pulled to stay with the sick or do other things, but she was able to go.  Jo Dawn had already built 4 houses and wanted to be sure she got to do something else, so she didn’t go.



Two other groups would be visiting two different hospitals, going on a Gatorade Blitz and then visiting the Jesus statue during the day.

The post is one corner of the house. Do you see the tin the guy in the red shorts is standing on?  There is a straight drop off !

I was a little concerned that no one would want to miss out on the day trip to the Jesus statue, but we had about 15 raise their hands to help build the house.  Kathryn and Melissa Bettis go to church with me in Clarksville and they got on my team. 

Look at how much room there is between the wall and the side of the hill!!!

We soon learned that the build was in Mololoa.  I love it there, but last year we had to build one way up a mountain there, so you never know!!!!! 


We actually didn’t have far to walk, but the wood needed to be carrying on a narrow path about 40 yards.  No big deal, except the path got crowded quickly and one false move and you could fall down a steep drop off.  All ages of Honduran children started helping us carry the long siding and other wood.  Some of the kids looked like they were no more than 4 years old!!  They are so sure-footed they often only had on flip-flops! 


 Also, there are times when you can sort the lumber neatly at the four corners of where the foundation will be.  Not today, one side had about 8 inches and then it was an earth wall, another side was about a foot and it was the same “cliff” drop off.  The house was being built for a mother with 3 daughters and one son.  She was right with us all day.  Usually walls (nailing) are reserved for the women and inexperienced carpenters, but because we had such “tricky” sides, the guys had to figure out how to make it work and they did. 


Regardless of all of these things, we finish around 2:45.  The mother cried tears of joy when we presented the house and I did too!!!  I had bought a few things to give the families for a “housewarming” gift, but the space was limited in my suitcase.  Another church from Nashville collects things for this and they gave me things to add.  I was able to give the family a Spanish Bible, curtains, sheets, tablecloths and many other nice things.


We ended the day with a devotional at the Jesus statue.  I have gone many times, but the view is always breathtaking!!!  Tim Hines (IRC & Torch board member) spoke to us with enthusiasm.  He pointed out a large spot that was dark. It was the area where thousands were killed in flooding and mud slides.  Torch began when a group first came after Hurricane Mitch in 1998.  They have been coming ever since.

This is Aldo and Martin.  Aldo has been working with us many years.  Martin hit his finger pretty bad and I had to "doctor" it for him!!

Mirander is the girl in the blue shirt in front of me.  She is from a teacher from around Nashville and she is interning this summer with Mark Connell.  She translated for us.  The little girl with glasses must have been a cousin or niece.  Miranda told me the little girl said excitedly, "I want a new house too!!"


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