Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Tears Numero Uno

Today is Tuesday and Torch Team #2 is arriving today.  A small group went with Terry to the airport to pick them up.



The rest of us were building two houses.  One would be mine and it would be built in honor of my friend’s husband, Scott Sander. 



I “bribed” Tricky Pat Gutherie to be my “jefe” (boss) and he agreed.  We hoped for a site without a long treacherous walk.  There was a short steep walk to the site, which had both lots right beside each other.  You know what that means; we would be competing to see who would finish first!!!


Caesar, one of our Honduran friends who works with Torch groups

The other group’s leader had been studying and thinking how we build down here and he wanted to try something new.  I don’t want to brag, but that had twice has many big many and many more people helping.  My group had two American adult men, two Honduran men, a couple ladies in their late twenties and then about 8 teenagers.  Even though it seemed we were a bit short handed at times, everyone had a great attitude.  Needless to say, we were done almost two hours before them, but who’s counting.



We always finish with a dedication.  I explained who Scott was, I presented the plaque and our whole group got in a circle with the lady.  Pat lead a prayer and an intern translated for us.  It was such a humbling experience and such an honor!!  Several tears were shed by all.  Happy Tears!!

Hasta luego!!!

PJ  xoxo

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