Friday, July 4, 2014

Mis amigos (our bus drivers)

Today was another great day in Honduras.  I have learned that if I get up super early (5 am here), I can upload pictures and post my blog before everyone gets up.  I don’t mind, I’m an early riser anyway.

The children are doing a song and this part is "salta" jumping.  That's why it's blurry.

We had heard there was going to be three house builds and I was hoping that since I had built two in a row, I wouldn’t have to work on a house build.  I also knew all three of the builds would be in Mololoa.  I knew from experience that because the roads are so poor, the bus wouldn’t make it, and there would be a long steep hike.


After our morning devotional, our leader described the jobs for the day.  Besides the house builds, there would be three other small teams in Mololoa working either in the feeding center, the daycare or a landscaping/gardening project.  I was hoping to do one of these, and I was selected to work at the daycare.  I was very happy about that!!

These are the 4-5's practicing writing the number 3.

Wendy is on the right.  She and I enjoyed "talking" and practicing.  She teaches the 4-5s.  They are serving lunch that was brought up from the feeding center.  (Rice, beans, scrambled eggs, and a tortilla)  They got a drink and an orange when they turned their plates in.  Even the 2-3 year olds did this!!!

This is Tyler Gist from South Carolina.  He has been coming down since before me, it is living here now overseeing the Mololoa work for his congregation.  I held this baby and fed him a bottle until he seemed to suddenly realize he didn't know me.




Evelyn is a very sweet Honduran lady who oversees both the daycare and the feeding center.  I think she has been working there almost as long as I have been coming to Honduras.  It has only been in the last few years that I have talked to her and gotten to know her.  She has been taking English lessons and it is so fun to talk to her.  She gets to practice her English and I get to practice my Spanish.  Her English is much better than my Spanish!!!

Every thing you see in the daycare has been donated from back home.  Last year there was a flood and they had to tear out the floor.  Notice the new beautiful tiled floor. 


I had a great time playing with and talking to the children.  I don’t have an exact count, but they had about 4 infants, about 10 two-three year olds, and about 15 four-five years.  Wendy (who I have also become friends with) works with the 4-5 years old and I was very impressed with her lessons.  She was asking them their colors in both English and Spanish.  When I asked them, Tu nombre es?  They would say, “My name is ________.”  You could tell that they had a schedule and this daycare was probably run better than some in the States.

Some of our group brought these bouncy balls.  The kids loved them.


Several of the young ladies and I helped take care of the babies, wash dishes, serve lunch and snack.  I have been there before, and I’m always impressed with how well behaved the children are.  Twelve 2-3 years would sit patiently at the table and wait for the teacher to pass out crayons and a coloring sheet.

Holly from Arkansas

This is the gardening group.  They are working on trying to have a garden and also clear the land so the daycare children can play there.


The afternoon ended as it does many times with a heavy rainstorm.  We were going to wait until it stopped when some of the house build group came up and we learned we were going to make the hike back down the steep, muddy road.  I had come prepared with a windbreaker and a big rain poncho, and I was glad.  When we got to the bottom, we realized the buses had left.  When there is a hard rain, the buses can’t handle the mud and will get stuck, so we had another hike up a muddy steep road.  As far as I know we made it without anyone falling in the mud.

Devo time is a great time to visit!!

Well, team 1, is flying out tomorrow and we will be sad to see some of our Torch family leave.  Teams from Brandon, Florida, Louisiana, and Arkansas will be heading back home.  The overlapping had caused our team to be around a 100, but it will shrink down to around 60.  Team #2 will be here till the 11th.  There are many new people, as well as young people on this team.  As the team shrinks, it will give us a chance to get to meet all of the new people!!!


Hasta luego!!


PJ  xoxo

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