Thursday, July 10, 2014

Boring job, but someone has to do it

Goofing off with the timer camera on my phone.  It was getting late, and we were wondering about our ride.  We called Mark with a ladies' phone and he arranged for us to get another ride.  Luckily, we didn't have to spend the night there.  It is a cool and safe place though!!!  :)

Today is Wednesday, our next to the last work day.  We have our last house build, which is an all-girls build.  I did not choose to do that because I had built just yesterday.  Plus, they had tons of girls who wanted to be on that team.


Another group was going back to Mololoa to work in the daycare and the feeding center.  I had done that a couple of days, so I didn’t volunteer for that either.  I would have loved to have seen the ladies again, but I didn’t want to be selfish.



Another group was going to break down bulk food again and hand it out to families.

Pewter cross bracelet I bought at Mi Esperanza (You might be able to find these at their website.)

Sarah, our nurse, and a few others were going to stay back at the mission house and inventory and sort the medications.  The plan is to do a big medical clinic at Didasko tomorrow.  (We will probably all be going there.)



Diane and I decided to work in the bodega.  We had to pull VBS materials for Costa Rica, supplies for “Daughters of the King” at Didasko, plus a few other things people had been looking for.  It isn’t very exciting work, but it has to be done.  Hopefully I can take some interesting pictures to add to the blog.

shopping at the pewter store


After dinner, we experience a “first”.  There is a lady who works in pewter and she has worked with the ladies/artisans at Mi Esperanza making pewter jewelry.  Those who were interested got to go to the pewter store.  Everything is handmade and much cheaper than it would cost in the US.  I got a few donor gifts, but didn’t go crazy.  For example:  you could get unusual handmade pewter salad tongs for about $12.


We finished the evening with a split devotional.  Gayna (from my aunt’s church in Mayfield) led our lesson about submission.  The theme for our whole trip has been Obedience, so it fit right in.  It is always special to study and worship in an all girl’s class.


Tomorrow, the whole group is going to Didasko an orphanage quite a distance away.  We will have a VBS, Medical Clinic, Eyeglass clinic, and Children of the King.  Tomorrow is the last work day here.  Most of our group will be flying back home on Friday. A few others and I will fly to Costa Rica for the last part of our trip.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers!!

Can you tell I'm bored??


Hasta luega!

PJ  xoxo


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