Saturday, July 5, 2014

My friend Miguel, who didn't speak, but like having his back scratched!!  Our group gave out toys and some of them got these glasses!

Today was a day to say goodbye to Team #1.  For those of us who stayed and had worked with them, we commented on how close we had grown to them.  The first group plus us, was a little more than 20.  That is a great size to get to know people and grow close.   We had a good mixture of ages and everyone worked hard and had an awesome attitude. 



Ever since I have been doing a double trip, I notice that each team has a different personality.  We loved the first group and now we will readjust and get back to work.  This group seems to have many, many “first timers”.  If you know me, I am kind of shy and it takes me awhile to get to know people….but I will….eventually.
This blind man spoke beautiful English.


I woke up today not feeling very well.  We all struggle a little bit with stomach “issues” when we are here.  Whether it’s the way they cook, or something else we aren’t sure.  It became evident during morning devotional that I shouldn’t go on a difficult job.  A small group took the team to the airport, went to the fresh air market for fruits and vegetables and then assembled food bags.  I wasn’t one of the few who were chosen for that.



Another team built a house and the last group was going to the hospital and the blind school.  That really was my only option.  If you will remember, last year, our container wasn’t released to almost the end of our trip, so we are only using supplies from last year.  One of my projects had been to buy “new” baby clothes at Goodwill.  You can buy sleepers and onesies for $1-2 there that look brand new.  My plan was to pass those as well as some toiletries and other things to the new mothers.  It is fun to go in and ask them, “Cuantos dias?” (How many days old?) and other similar questions.  It’s a good chance to practice my limited Spanish because they don’t speak English.



They also let a couple of us at a time go into the burn unit.  I was really afraid what I would see.  We had to wear scrubs, head and shoes coverings to prevent bringing in germs from the outside.  I didn’t see any visible burns, but bandages.  One little one appeared to be about 3, he/she? had lost both lower limbs.  I would have liked to have known what happened, but I couldn’t understand.  The little child was too young to really understand.  He (we’ll call him that) was just happy with one of those squishy rubber ball things.


When I visited each bed, I asked them if they wanted me to pray with them.  They knew what I meant and always said yes.  I had a few Spanish phrases I could throw in for good measure. (En nombre de Cristo.

Randi and I get up early and blog.  She is from PA and also teaches elementary school.


Our group spent about an hour having lunch at the Peace Monument.  It is a beautiful serene place overlooking the city.  Read the link, if you are interested in the story about Honduras only war.

Peace monument


The nurse had insisted that I start an antibiotic and I had felt okay for the day, but there were a few times I felt light-headed.  After lunch, we were going to the Blind School and I was afraid I wouldn’t feel like interacting with the children.  The younger Torchers always do a great job jumping right in and playing.




 An older boy was close to me and I tried to start engaging in conversation and he wouldn’t say anything.  He just stood there.  I asked several of the workers if he spoke and apparently he does a little, but mostly just writes.  I started rubbing and scratching his back and he just stood there without moving.  I tried getting him to sit down or walk, but he wouldn’t.  He would pull away if he didn’t want to do something.  I guess you could say I made a new friend.



I’m not sure about tomorrow, but it may be house #3, we’ll see how I feel.  My Iphone has been doing a great job syncing my pictures to my laptop, but not from today. (You have to have good wifi.) I’m hoping when I check in a minute I’ll have a few more uploaded!!
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I'm sorry this is blurry.

I stayed strong while visiting, it was so sad, but the child loved that squishy ball I gave him!!!!
  I  failed to tell you that the children at the blind school sang to us and of course, it was amazing.  When they were done, we sang them several of our songs!!


Hasta luego!


PJ  xoxo

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