Sunday, July 6, 2014

Muchos gracias, mi hijo!!!!

Well yesterday I was sick, but I started antibiotic.  I was a little concerned about how I would feel today.  I had decided I would build the third house, but hoping the conditions would be great. (Group, chiefs, site, weather, etc.) 
 I have been on some very difficult ones, so now I know the obstacles that you can face:  mountains to climb, slippery slopes, sometimes you have to carry all of the lumber to the site, sometimes you have rocks to dig up to put the footers in, sometimes you have too many “chiefs”, or sometimes you have too many people who don’t chip in.



Needless to say, since I hadn’t been feeling well, I was a tiny bit concerned.  I have been on many house builds with Pat Gutherie and I knew if he went everything would be fine.  Well, at devo time, he tells me they need him to be somewhere else.  Then when it is time to choose teams, hardly anyone raises their hands.  They asked for more people, so we got a few more.  You really don’t want too many because then you can get in each other’s way.

This is Jose, I have known him and his brother Cristian a few years.  Their mom is in the US now, so I always say, "Mi hijos".  Cristian has grown up so much since last year, he worked really hard on the roof today.


mi otra hijo (My other son)

We also had a group that would go to Didasko Orphanage and take food.  Another team would make lunches and feed the people at the dump.  Diane was going with Terry to pick up three people from the airport and run errands.


As I started getting my things packed to go worked, I decided this house would be the one that Lucas’ funded and that renewed my spirit and I got more enthusiastic. 



Well, God taught me another lesson.  Our group had the perfect site, it was a beautiful day with mild temperatures, all of the wood was at the site and it all combined for a “perfect storm” for a house build.


Across the dirt road, there was a construction crew building a really nice, expensive block and stucco house.  It was so funny, they pretty much stopped and stared at us all day!!!


We were up close to El Tigre Park, which is a "cloud forest", I believe.  I could live here!!!!  Muy bonita!!!


I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  The rest of the teams had great days, I’m sorry, but I don’t have pictures of their days.  You can check out these blogs: and . 


This is Oneyda. I think she is about 21 and is now in college.  She and her three brothers lost their parents several years ago.  Mark Connell, a missionary here, and his wife, took them under his wing and helped them out.  They always help us with house builds.  She is a beast,we can always count on her to do the hard stuff!!!


Tomorrow is church and a day of rest!!!!



Everywhere we go we hear sad stories.  This old man saw the bus and hobbled to our site.  He told us he was sick and he thought we had medicine.

PJ  xoxo

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  1. the construction crew should have pitched in if they were only going to watch and not work. that made me laugh outright! you are getting several lessons in faith this time, as if the work itself was not a lesson itself. love all the smiling faces. happy horizons! kim kelley