Monday, July 13, 2015

Last day in the Garden of Eden, massaje & caliente agua

(The volcano chose to make an appearance.  I don't think we saw it the whole time we were hee last year.)

   Today is Sunday. It is our only full day at La Fortuna, so church services are scheduled for later in the evening.

Several of our group chose the option of taking a ziplining tour.  Torch members from as young as 12 (I'm guessing), to as old as 60+ (Ricky & Freda Butts from Gulf Shores, AL) flew through the jungle.  I decided to save my $$ and treat myself to a massage later.

Terry had arranged for us to have day passes (lunch & dinner buffet included) at Baldi Springs.  Last year, I chose to stay at our hotel, little did I know what I was missing.  Just imagine a Garden of Eden theme park.  That's the best way I can describe this place.

(Chillin' on the back porch of our room.)

In the middle of beautiful tropical vegetation you have heated lagoons & pools of varying degrees of warmth.  Many of us had sceduled massages, but we whiled our way hiking up and down sampling the many pools.

Several of us had appointments for 4:30, but Diane and I headed to the spa around 3:30.  They had an additional heated pool on what seemed to be the roof.  We relaxed there and enjoyed the quiet.  We headed down tot he spa and they treated us to hot tea and cookies.

One of our leaders had bargained for us to get a free facial if we selected certain packages.  I accepted the deal and got a full body thermal mud massage.  Let's just say it was heavenly!!!  Each massage room was partially open to the lush jungle.  When my massage was over I was directed to a shower.  In  CA is it very common for showers to be cold and this was no exception.  There was a filled tub built in to the concrete that I was hoping was warm water and it was.  After we got out, we got to lounge in our robes and were treated to either tea or water!!  Heavenly!!!

We ended the evening with our church service.  Singing here is what I imagine heaven to be like.  Except, I'll be a beautiful singer in heaven.    Our collection (it was a surprise) went to Cristian and his family who will be moving to the states in a few weeks for Bible college..  The family was moved to tears by this gesture.

Friends, I hope you have enjoyed following along with me on this trip.  Torch Missions 2015 as always has been one epic trip!!      

(Restaurant at Baldi, It was basically like an enormous tree house in the jungle.)

I have some great spa pics, but the internet is so slow right now that I'll have to share them later!!

Over and out!!! xoxo

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