Saturday, July 11, 2015

Camp Jennie Sue (Fun, Faith & Fellowship in Paradise)


9:00    All suitcases in the lobby.  That was our only directions for the morning, so that meant a few extra minutes of sleep for me.  (5:30 AM has pretty much been the lastest I can sleep.)

We left the hotel in the city at 9:30 to head to Camp Jennie Sue in Sarchi, Costa Rica.  Has we head out of the city, we leave behind the San Jose.  Although there is glimpses of beauty there, it has the typical grime, and poverty of most cities.

Away from the city, the beauty of Costa Rica becomes more evident.  (Lush hills covered in plants and vegetation that Tennesseans can only buy in the house plants section of Lowes.)  Last year we did stay at Camp Jennie Sue, but we weren't there long enough to enjoy it.  This year it's different.  We've planned a weekend retreat/Bible study for the members of Purral church of Christ.  

Schedule for Friday:

12:00  Lunch
1:00  Men's class on Men's Church Leadership roles & Margaret Reeves lead the women in sharing our thoughts about our trip and what it has meant.

Break time  (There was a national pickup game of soccer.  I'm not exactly sure who won, but at one time the US may have had 20 on the field!!!)

2:00  Lesson on Youth Ministry taught by John Thacket and Jeremy Myers (2 youth ministers).

5:00  Dinner  which happened to be pizza from a local pizza place.  It was much enjoyed by all!!!!

6:00  Free time which consisted of many card games.  I myself enjoyed several games of Nertz.  (I can hardly ever get my family to play.)  I think there may have also been another game of basketball or soccer.

About 60 of us are sleeping in 4 very nice cabins.  I slept well!!!  Adios from Paradise!!

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