Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monnday or lunes, A Day of Work & Study

Today's schedule was very similar to yesterday except one difference. While part of the group went door knocking, the rest of the group went to a local children's home.  There a large group did a VBS with the children and the rest starting painting some of the homes.  I was helping paint.  

(Breakfast is included at the Best Western.  This is a typical Costa Rican breakfast.  Costa Ricans love rice!!)

We had Manuel, a bilingual Costa Rican high school student, and the local preacher's father with us.  Cristian's father wasn't attending last year.  He has quite the sense of humor.  He spoke some English and I told him that I missed him last year.  He laughed and said he was out of the country.

(Chase Turner led us in a 6 am yoga class by the pool.  We were much more comfortable on the grass!)

We were told that these children had been taken out of homes for different reasons. (abuse, neglect, etc.)  We were not allowed to take any photos and we shouldn't be the first to hug or initiate physical contact.  (Also, when we were told we couldn't take any photos, it wasn't clear if we could take photos of the home, so I don't have any pictures.) Of course, we wouldn't turn away if a child gave us a hug.  The painting group didn't have much interaction with kids, but a few boys came over to watch us paint.  Some even helped us paint.  Young boys can't resist painting.

(Diane led an awesome ladies' Bible class about marriage.  We had lots of great comments and participation from all ladies from different generations and nationalities.

Here's some great borrowed  photos from Honduras:

(This is El Diamante.  There is only some much that my Iphone camera can do.  This picture does the beauty justice!!)

(I think this is the cancer ward.)

(Starting our missionaries young)

We headed back to the church around 3:30.  That meant more fellowship till dinner around 5 and then worship at 6.  Tim Hines had another awesome lesson.  This attendance was up and we expect it to keep growing!!

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